Was Mary mentioned in the Didache at all. I know that generally devotion to Mary didn’t come 'til a few centuries later. Is that true for the Didache (and the early Church fathers, too)?

I don’t recall Mary being mentioned in the Didache. I’ve read the Didache 3-4 times.

Considering when its written or was being written, Mary was probably still involved with the Church. The dating is now considered to be 40-60 AD. The earliest account of Marys death is from Hippolytus of Thebes, dating at 41-AD. He wrote many centuries later though 7th-8th century.,d.b2k

No, the Didache purpose was to tell Christians how to live a godly life. Instructing what to do before mass, how you should follow the commandments, how to baptize etc.

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