Mary J Blige + Burger King = Racism

Apparently MJB was hired to do a TV commerical about their chicken wrap sandwich and now she is apologizing for contributing to racism.

This is her quote… “I want to apologize to everyone that was offended or thought I would do something so disrespectful to our culture,” she said. “I would never do anything like that purposely.”

All she sings is that it’s chicken on a tortilla wrap with ranch dressing, and lettuce. Now a whole community has decided that this was racist.

The commerical.

Defending herself on a radio commericial.

At about the 8:10 minute she said "and then they added the chicken (while she was singing) Really MJB, they added chicken to the chicken commerical?


Who is Mary J Blige?

Good Grief!:ouch:

Tell me anything that can not be “evolved” into racism. This is sick…

God knows, chicken + black people = racism!


I like fried chicken and so do a lot of people I know! Some of them are…black! OMG we all must be racist!


I don’t get it, why are people getting their panties in a wad over this?

…apparently the chicken was racist…go figure???

Political Garbage.

I do not think it is racism.

Oh for Heaven’s sake, it’s an advert about chicken, obviously Burger King are going to wish to feature the product looking as tempting as possible in the usual ‘it never looks this good in reality’ shot of the product with lovely fresh salad and crispy coating etc.

This is like saying if an Irish celebrity did an advert about Guiness it would be stereotyping Irish people if the product appeared on-screen. Are the viewers supposed to guess what the product looks like in the case of this Burger King ad?

Because if anyone mentions chicken in the context of black people, it’s racist.


I know, right? All black people do not eat fried chicken and even if they did, so what? Fried chicken is GOOD! It just means they like good food! Sheesh.


This is controversy erupted a few months ago. Its basically over. Burger King pulled the ad almost as soon as it was released, and it hasn’t been broadcast for three months.

And Burger King issued a public apology to Blige shortly after pulling the ad

The only reason the ad is in the news at this point is because Blige recently apologized for it during a radio interview.

Fascintating that a culture can be so easily manipulated!\

Frankly, this is the very thing that should be militated against via counter media.

Here you are.

The Fried Chicken Song

I like this one MUCH better…

I got a pan, I got a plan…:smiley:

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