Mary kept these things... inspirations for women


Being a Catholic forum, I thought this might be the ideal place to ask the ladies what kinds of practical inspiration they’ve gotten from the Virgin Mary that helps them be a good wife.

I’ll start off with something I’m beginning to treasure: After the shepherds leave in the birth narrative, Luke 2:19 says “But Mary treasured up all these things, pondering them in her heart.” I think Mary was very amazed at how God’s promise was working out in detail. She was learning so much so fast, but rather than running around blurting out or preaching about what she was learning, she turned it over and over - humbly - in her heart, praising God quietly and vowing to practice what God was teaching her. I use this some times when my husband is explaining something to me that he wishes I knew (basically when he’s telling me that I did something wrong!), and I’m tempted to say “Oh, I get it! You mean this and this…” and wax all eloquent about what it all means. I’m learning to treasure those things and ponder them in my own heart.

Other thoughts?


May I suggest this book: “The Reed of God” by Carll Houselander.
Bishop F.J Sheen said of the author “She takes us to the depths in Christ and Mary and ourselves”.

I’ve been reading the book myself though I am not a woman :smiley: ; anyone can learn from Our Blessed Virgin Mary to be a good person.


The most that Mary inspired me is that she is a strong women. As a daughter, mother, friend, and follower of GOD. She is a perfect example for especially young women today. I pick her for my saint for my confirmation, because I felt more of a conection with her. She is amazing person!


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