Mary M. and Jesus?


I was watching on T.V. (the history channel I think) some guy say that Mary Magdalene and Jesus were married and had a child(ren). That the Catholic Church in a rage of anti-(something I can’t remeber what,sorry), deleted all refrences of it from scripture and erraced it from history thus hiding a divine bloodline and demoting Mary M. to the status of a prostitute. What is the truth on this subject? Thank you.


Sounds like some ideas from the Da Vinci Code. There is no truth to them at all.

Jesus and Mary Magdalene were not married, never had children, and the history of the early church is quite well documented, though not by the History Channel.


I doubt you heard it on the History Channel, unless maybe they were talking about the plotline of a book like the DaVinci Code or something.

This is nonsense, of course. The Church can’t erase stuff from history (if She could, imagine how much stuff would have been deleted). You cannot change a major point of doctrine without controversy and at least some record surviving. Because the task is not only to delete such references, but to change all the writings of the Early Fathers to add in the parts that said Jesus was *not *married. It’s a silly proposition.

FWIW, it has been widely believed that MM was the same person as the prostitute who washed Our Lord’s feet with her tears and dried them with her hair. But this has never been taught by the Church, and few (if any) reputable theologians beleive there is any basis for this association.


If you watched it all the way through…and I did the guy said that all of it was bunk and that there was no proof. It’s all based on suppositions based on stuff that was never in the gospels to begin with and daVinci’s “Magdalen” is an effeminate boy.


oh so they took it back. o.k. thanks.


Common sense dictates that if Christ had other “sacramental” vows such as marriage, or even blood siblings via Mother Mary, why on earth did he give her to John? If his “blood” brothers and sisters were true(as these revisionists 2000 years removed from the past assert), then it would not have even been an issue. If he had a wife and children then they’d take Mother Mary in as well. No mention of that other than the contrary that Mother Mary was going to be alone-He wanted her taken care of and given to humanity.

Another common sense issue is that if Christ personally says that his mission is the crucifix, the will of God, why would he then divert himself with making a nuclear family-to what purpose is this to the salvation of all man?

Without the CC, all sort of Jesus Christs will be presented to the world (all of which would be grossly deficient).

in XT.


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