Mary my Beautiful Lady


I have to share this with you! Today I was very very down, and then I saw this picture of Our Lady of The Rosary in a piece of mail, and her beauty just melted my heart and made me sing to God in my soul. So I wrote this little poem in honor of Our Beautiful Lady. Hope you like it!

The picture of Our Lady is below the poem:

O my beautiful lady,
How gorgeous is your face!
Who can resist your immaculate beauty?
Who can say no to your virtuous eyes?

Beautiful Mary,
Take me home to be with Jesus,
Let me hold on to your robe,
Keep me in your gracious protection.

You are like the moon to me,
Your beauty charms me and gives me joy,
I will turn and smile to God,
Because in you, I have seen what beauty could be.

You are God’s fragrance to me,
You entice me to purity,
You draw me to goodness by shining her light,
You are a mirror of grace.

You anoint my soul with heavenly aroma,
You imprint the greatness of God in my bones,
You charge me with pure delight,
How beautiful you are to me!


wow that is beautiful :slight_smile: I love our Blessed Mother :heaven:




I’m going through some very troubling things right now, and this brought me a few moments of peace. Thank you.



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