Mary O'Hara - Irish Singer and Harpist

Any Irish harpists/singer fans out there know of or like Mary O’Hara? I, by chance, found her music on YouTube when looking for a recording of a traditional English song, and I just loved the sweetness and purity of her voice, especially for this kind of singing. I had looked up her biography and saw that after the untimely death of her first husband 15 months into their marriage, she had become a contemplative nun for 12 years, after which left the order and then re-married late in life. Here are a few YouTube recordings of her:

I adore Mary O’Hara, Kate Rusby, Cara Dillon. The three of them are amazing. :slight_smile:
I love Irish music in general. My favorite Irish folk singers/groups are Tommy Makem and the Clancy Brothers, Christy Moore, Luke Kelly and the Dubliners, Seamus Ennis…the list goes on and on. Haha, I also like sean nos music. I’m quite obsessed with everything to do with Irish culture… xD God bless you!

Yep, she, along with Father Sydney MacEwan are quite popular in Newfoundland and Cape Breton too! I think she’s wonderful and has a genuine gift from God.

I just listened to Kate Rusby and Cara Dillon. Great voices as well! I’ve always loved Irish folk music (as well as folk music from other countries) since I was a girl, but I never really knew the names of most of the groups and soloists.

It’s funny you said that. My little one (21 months old) was listening to her sing this evening on YouTube and she kept saying “Jesus!” I know she knows what Jesus looks like. I thought maybe since O’Hara was performing in a church in that video, maybe there was a crucifix or statue behind her, but there wasn’t anything. I said to her, “Where is Jesus? I don’t see Him.” She pointed right at Mary O’Hara. I said, “She’s not Jesus, my love…” then I thought a little and said, “but maybe Jesus is singing through her.”

There’s a lot to explore in the world of Irish and Scottish folk music. Luke Kelly is phenomenal. I admire him so much for keeping his culture alive. I also admire Irish Gaelic folk singers who continue to sing in their language. :stuck_out_tongue:

That is adorable, God bless her!

Oh that’s lovely!

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