Mary points us to God


It occurred to me during the Gospel reading on the Feast of the Assumption that, here again, Mary directs us to God.
When Elizabeth does rejoice in being visited by the “Mother of my Lord”, Mary’s immediate response is to glorify God.
She reaffirms her lowliness as a mere being, and His greatness as the Creator.
She did no less than Christ Himself did when she was praised by a crowd.
Our love and affection for the Blessed Virgin is precisely because of her humility, trust and obedience to the Lord. She never speaks of her greatness, only her Son’s.


I read the Magnifcat during the evening Vespers, and yes she did point us to Jesus. This is further addressed in the approved Marian Apparitions as well.


Mary’s purpose is to bring all of the lost, all of the hurt, all of the hungry, all of the cold, to her Son.


It’s also interesting that Muslims love and respect Mary almost as much as we Catholics do. Maybe Mary is our hope for Muslims too. I hope so.

Our Lady of Fatima (fyi: an Islamic name), pray for us!


I never knew that about Muslims, that’s interesting.

Mary is one of the “perfect” portrayals of a good Christian/Catholic. I believe heavily in the intercession of Mary, which is why I always get choked up when I pray to her. And how could it get more wonderful than being the mother of our Savior?!?

God bless!:thumbsup:

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