Mary’s Gourmet Diner drops prayer discount [NC]


From the Winston Salem Journal:

Mary’s Gourmet Diner has announced it will no longer offer occasional discounts to people who pray before eating, citing the threat of legal action.
The restaurant’s prayer discount had gone viral in recent days, making national news shows and sparking heated arguments on the Internet.
On Wednesday, the restaurant posted a handwritten notice in its front window stating that it must “protect your freedom from religion in a public place.”
“It is illegal and we are being threatened by lawsuit,” the note goes on to say, offering apology for “any offense this discount has incurred.”


(And, no, I’m not talking about the restaurant owners)


Thank Heavens American law makers are cracking down on these pesky Christians. Praying in public! Outrageous, but encouraging this behaviour by offering discounts is out of the question! I will pray for your nation, losing its soul in little under two generations.


The devil really must be an attorney…



Whenever you hear a politician in the US talk about “Freedom of Conscience” (as opposed to “Freedom of Religion”), I would give you even odds that he/she would be in full support of the “Freedom From Religion Foundation” – they would be perfectly happy if all expressions of Faith were utterly banned (outside the privacy of the individual’s bedroom, of course…for now).


Could you please post a different article as the original one refuses to load for me. The only thing that will load is the Facebook comments.

Anyway, based on what I’ve read in this thread, this sounds to be quite ridiculous. Why on earth does it matter if they give a discount to people who pray before eating or not? Why on earth do Atheists or anyone else care whether or not someone who prays before eating gets a discount? Sheesh, there seem to be a lot of militant Atheists out there who need to get a life.


Try these links:!byKJHn


Thank you Mark.

I really think this is absolutely ridiculous that this Freedom From Religion Foundation was even going to file a lawsuit against them if the restaurant did not comply with their bullying tactics. I cannot see how what Mary’s Restaurant was doing was illegal in any way. It is a private business. They should be free to offer discounts to whoever they want.


Discount or not, I’m seeing more saying grace in public restaurants.


I know a county sponsered event near me that opens late on Sunday and offers a discount if you bring a church bulletin. I guess they’d better watch out.


How can that be any different than offering a senior citizen discount, or a reduced $$$ menu for kids under 12?

If I lived there I would eat there all of the time and say Grace before, during, and after I eat. So there you blanket blank :mad:Freedom From Religion Nuts.


If you mean that the county government is sponsoring an event which offers a church bulletin discount, then they are way over-the-line. A case involving a secular restaurant has already been challenged and settled. The restaurant was required to allow a discount for any kind of literature from an anti-religious organization, if the religious literature discount was offered.

The restaurant’s discount may have since been discontinued, as it is no longer mentioned on its website.


I wonder how many of these judges play golf with the devil on Sunday mornings while good Christians are in Church?!?!??! :dts:


The problem with this discount is that it requires all customers to be reasonable people of good faith. In a perfect world, those individuals who don’t qualify for the discount would shrug their shoulders, realize that they haven’t lost anything, and would move on. Unfortunately, instead of of seeing it as a discount I suspect many have chosen to see this as a tax on those who aren’t praying. I think we can all understand why people might be mad at suffering a tax for having a different system of beliefs (or lack thereof). A perfectly reasonable response, but one made in bad faith. Such a shame.


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