Mary "savior" of the Roman people


I’m starting a new thread (which should be one post long) just to make sure that the confusion about Cardinal Ratizinger’s prayer gets cleared up *statim. *

gelsbern asks the (quite understandable) question:

Twice in Cardinal Ratzinger’s talk during the funeral of the Pope, the following was said:

and I pulled these directly from the vatican site.…e-jp-ii_it.html

Beata Virgo Maria, apostolorum Regina et Salus populi Romani, apud Deum intercedat ut vultum Filii sui benedicti Papæ nostro ostendat atque Ecclesiam luce resurrectionis eius consoletur.

Which translates into

Blessed Virgin Mary, Queen of Apostles and Savior of the people of Rome, Interceed for us to God …

and later

Sancta Maria, Salus populi Romani, ora pro eo

Which translates into:

Blessed Mary, Savior of the people of Rome, pray for us.

My question is when did Mary become the Savior?

Answer: She didn’t.

Stelten’s Dictionary of Ecclesiastical Latin says that “salus” can mean “help.”

So, no more heart attacks here, OK? And you anti-Catholics, sorry to spoil your fun but Mary is not the Savior: Jesus is!


Thanks for posting this. I’m sure we haven’t heard the last on this topic.


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