Mary sealed to Heavenly Father by LDS proxy temple rites

i have no idea where to post this article. I just happened across it this evening as I was celebrating the turn on all the lights for the worldwide celebration of Human Achievement Hour.

Mary sealed to Heavenly Father by LDS proxy temple rites

The Mormon Baptism of Mary, Mother of God

By Helen Radkey © Copyright 2010, Helen Radkey April 15, 2010

Hail Holy Queen

Mary (the mother of Jesus) was a Jewish woman of Nazareth in Galilee, identified in the New Testament as the wife of Joseph and the mother of Jesus of Nazareth. Christians believe Mary conceived Jesus miraculously by the agency of the Holy Spirit. For twenty centuries, Christians have cherished Mary and given her titles that reflect their love and admiration—such as the Blessed Virgin Mary, Theotokos (Mother of God), Our Lady, and Queen of Heaven. As the most celebrated woman in Christendom, Mary is considered the epitome of virtue by Christians, especially Catholics and Orthodox. Protestants generally perceive Mary as an outstanding example of a life dedicated to God. Over two thousand years after she gave birth to Jesus Christ—who is recognized by Christians and Mormons as the Redeemer of mankind—Mary of Nazareth was offered “eternal salvation” through The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS.)

Mary, a Mormon by proxy.

“Mary Mother of Jesus,” the spouse of “Joseph „of the House of David‟…” was baptized and confirmed a member of the LDS Church by proxy on December 9, 2009 in the Idaho Falls Idaho (LDS) Temple. She was subjected to initiatory temple ordinances on December 16, 2009; an endowment ceremony on December 26, 2009; and a sealing to parents on January 7, 2010—all rites occurred in the Idaho Falls Idaho Temple.


Mormons are going to have some serious sins to repent of

I let go of devotion to the First Five Saturday’s in reparation for blasphemies committed against the Blessed Mother. My work has been such that it has been hard for me to go the past several months.

I have to really start to get back…you go to Mass on Saturday, spend 15 minute in recollection on Mary’s sanctity and pray a rosary in reparation. You do it for 5 consecutive Saturdays…the First Saturday of each month.

Mormons can think anything they want. It doesnt change the reality of who God is … or who Mary is or Jesus … or Merlin, my daughter’s favorite cat, for that matter…:slight_smile:

They make stuff up and call it good. Thats what they do.

… Mary is ok… relax!!! :thumbsup:

I wonder if they are going to do the Apostles next.

This makes absolutely no sense to me. Didn’t she already say yes to Christ when she proclaimed “Let it be done unto me according to your Word”?

It doesn’t even make sense from their understanding of things. If these things are required as they believe, wouldn’t Jesus know it??? And if He knew that His Mother needed these things done wouldn’t He see to it that these necessary things were done instead of leaving His Mother hanging for 2,000 some years until so yahoo in Idaho got around to doing them for her? How is letting your mother sit in spirit prison till a stranger performs her ordinances 2,000 years later honoring your mother? Though I guess if one believes He set up two churches and both of them failed, neglecting mom is just par for the course.

1voice, truly, I am not upset. I do sometimes wonder if God laughs because this inane baptism is a huge joke.

Actually, they didn’t do anything but play make-believe.

You gotta admire their determination and enthusiasm, even if they’re wrong.

All the determination and enthusiasm of teenagers that have stolen a car and have gone joy riding.

Mormonism is so dopey.

Mormons at it again :mad:

Well, that was a waste of somebody’s time!

Yeah, this makes no sense whatsoever from a Mormon perspective. The Great Apostasy is said to have occurred sometime after the death of the last Apostle, and so presumably, the Blessed Virgin Mary would (along with all her contemporaries) would have already had these ordinances performed since they were members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Former-day Saints.

The only way this makes any sense in a Mormon framework is to suppose that the Great Apostasy occurred pretty much as soon as Jesus founded the Church.

Is there any slightly less biased source of confirmation for this?

By proxy or otherwise, won’t make the slightest bit of difference to what Mary was then, or is now in Heaven, people can believe what they want to believe, doesn’t make it so…

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