Mary, Star of the Sea


Hail Mary, Star of the Sea
Pray for the souls suffering in Purgatory
Bring them comfort admist the flames
Compassionate Mother, you know their pain


Beautiful prayer :).
Quick question, where did the title Star of the Sea originate from?


Private revelation, I think. I learned about it from Sts. Mary Margaret and Faustina. Mary says the Church Suffering calls her “Star of the Sea”. I find it interesting that both secretaries of Jesus were given messages about Mary’s motherly concern for Purgatory.


I believe it is that Mary is like a star that sailors might use on a dark night to guide them home. The parishes that I know that take this name are near large bodies of water.



Okay, I am simply looking at Star of the Sea in a different way.

Sea= water

Water is a very huge focus in the narrative.

The first miracle of her son is water to wine.

Sea- many ideas come into play here.

All of them could be related to them both, if one has an open mind to think on that.

I think Paul of Tarsus may have said something to the effect that there is no longer Jew nor Greek?

Then Jesus himself seems to bring it on home at the cross.

Behold your Mother.

He would not have been speaking of her while at the same time insulting those present.

The only way I can make sense of what Jesus says at that moment, is

We are one, if only you trust me, believe in me, with me

Therefore he gives the only thing he can. His life, for the salvation of souls

Who he intrusts, with his very own mother in life here in the flesh.

It is a very hard thing to ignore. Paul seems to pick up on this theme, and incorporate it in a broader sense, in saying that there are no longer any human constraints to salvation.

I could be way off on this, but this is where I am now.


Jan has it right :slight_smile:

Whatcha mean by Jesus insulted those present? :confused:


Jesus did not insult anyone present is what I mean.:wink:

One can not see a perfect human/divine God in the flesh insulting the ones he would have addressed at the cross, to care for his mother. But, he did not. For a reason.

He left his mother to all who believed. I have no idea why anyone would reject that offer he gave to them all.



PS water being a repeating theme over and over, once you trust him, and he calls you he tells you (or Peter specifically) you can walk on water.

Just believe you can.


God trampeled the sea at the dawn of creation according to an ancient Jewish legend, and Jesus shows He is God by walking or trampeling on the lake, and He shows we have a share in His Divinity as members of His Body the Church, which is a Divine Institution just as He is a Divine Person, by letting Peter walk or trample on the lake. It also ties in with faith and love: Faith without love is dead. That is why Peter started to drown, he was doubting Jesus, his love weakened, and that is why He praised the living faith of many and shunned the dead faith of others.


Now I’m interested! What is the ancient Jewish legend of God trampling the seas?

Have always loved the Star of the Sea title. I also thought of it as the sailors looking towards Mary to protect them at sea, esp at night and/or storms.


It’s in the Psalms, I forget which one, but it talks about God setting the sea’s limit and trampling on it.


There is a parish, at home in California (San Pedro)… called Mary, Star of the Sea. Beautiful, thank you for sharing it.

Mary, Star of the Sea… pray for us.


Personally, I first came across the title on a prayer card to Our Lady of Mt. Carmel, which were given out to us in Church when I was a kid. I recall praying: “Oh Mary, Star of the Sea, Never was it known that anyone who fled to thy protection…” I believe, but I recall its association with Mt. Carmel.

Mt. Carmel is also mentioned in the Wikipedia article on “Our Lady, Star of the Sea” - here,_Star_of_the_Sea


I wonder if that’s the parish my spiritual director, Father Chris, goes to?


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