Mary statues


I have always noticed that, in the yards of Catholics, there are usually a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. However, I rarely, if ever see one of the Lord Jesus. Do you think this may be an indication of a lack of a close relationship with Jesus? If so, how could this be addressed by the church?


Dear Z,

You will agree, that we usually do not put our best sofa and most expensive furniture in the garden. It’s just the garden, after all. We don’t worship there on Sundays either. The furniture belongs in the house. And we worship in Church.

Wherever Mass is celebrated the Church requires the presence of a crucifix which reminds us of what we are celebrating. If the Church required a statue of Mary instead, then there would be reason for concern. But it doesn’t. To have a statue of Mary, or more often of St. Francis, in the garden is simply a reminder of some holy ones who are great examples to us of the kind of Christians we should be. These are people we love and admire. It’s like having pictures of our loved ones on the mantle. I don’t think we would consider such photos indicating a lack of a close relationship with Jesus. Do you?

Fr. Vincent Serpa, O.P.

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