Mary the dispenser of all graces confuses me.


I am trying understand why we call Mary the dispenser of all graces. I thought God could only grant/give out graces. I don’t understand?


Hello. :slight_smile: If it wasn’t for Our Lady, a lot more people would be going to hell. If it wasn’t for Mary, we would feel the fullness of God’s wrath. As the saying goes, “All people come to Christ through Mary.” Mary prays to God to have mercy on us. God never denies Mary’s requests, because Mary never denied God’s requests.

Our Lady be with you. :blessyou:

To make this as absolutely simple as I possibly can:

Think of the word “dispenser” like a vending machine. You approach it or come across it in some manner, and after some kind of interaction, it gives you something. The Blessed Virgin is the Mother of God, who bore and birthed Him. Thus, God uses Mary to bring Jesus to people; as He used Mary to bring Jesus in the womb to St. Elizabeth.

In that sense, praying to Mary is like pressing C3 on the vending machine, and getting Jesus.

God bless :slight_smile:

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