Mary ,the holy spirit and deliverance

If the same holy spirit came upon mary and blessed so many Christians with direction and truth . Why hasnt the other protestant denominations shared a deeper appreciation for her like we do.

Actually that last sentence …i take it back . Being honest i wanted to ask if anyone in the deliverance ministry tried asking for Mary’s intercession in getting a spirit out. Secretly praying the hail mary . I dont mean to treat this as an experiment but it has been boogling me for many years and i seek the truth. It was Mary that appeared to me in a dream , telling me to go back to her son and repent. And life changed and my life was renewed after 10 years of the wildnerness. A protestant taunted me daily and said Mary was the queen of Satan , after that incident i left the church out of frustration as a young teen.

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Oh the devil is terribly afraid of Our Lady. She is powerful against him because of her great humility in stark contrast to his great pride which led to his downfall. BVM is the Queen of All Exorcists.


We are both in the same camp . But for those who do not share the same sentiments , im curious as to why the holy spirit hasnt revealed .

Because satan blinds them.but when they repent and come back, they have much deeper and stronger devotion to Mary.

Gen 3:15 Mary is the humblest and satan is the most prides’t creature ,so naturally She defeats and crushes satan

There are also many false deliverance’s people claim,true deliverance take place when they repent come back to Jesus ,and honor their true spiritual Mother and those to persist in dishonoring Her ,Jesus will never acknowledge them nor honor them before his Father

none of the protestants in my social circle have ever had experiences of Mary through the holy spirit. These who prophecy , cast out spirits , healed the ill in Jesus’s name has never mentioned her coming into their lives.

Satan doesn’t like Mary at all. But can you please clarify what you are talking about when you refer to the Catholic “deliverance ministry”? I know there are some Catholic groups that pray in support of the priests who do deliverance, but Catholics in general do not go around ordering evil spirits out of people. Only priests do that. If, however, the Catholic person is just praying in support of the priest, that Catholic person can and likely will ask for the intercession of Mary, St. Michael and perhaps others (St. Benedict maybe) as well as praying to God.

If they’ve never bothered to get to know Mary, much less build a relationship with her, how would they even recognize her if she did show up and help?
Same for all the saints.

Protestant deliverance ministry . In reply to your last post , i dont know. If it be the good of mankind , wouldnt the holy spirit have revealed the power of mary to all ?

Some people in the Chsrismatic Renewal practice deliverance ministry but it isn’t the same thing a priest does. They pray for the person to be delivered from evil spirits but they aren’t supposed to directly engage an evil spirit.

There is also a movement called Unbound started by a man named Neil Lazano in PA. He has written books, holds workshops for the laity and priests and has the approval of his bishop.

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Because they don’t believer She can do anything nor honor her .Jesus didn’t perform any miracles either ,because of the people’s unbelief.

Yeah, they have Unbound workshops here. I’ve considered going to one. There is a different version for Catholics, taught at a local Catholic parish, which I presume adapts the original training so that lay Catholics are restricted from directly engaging the evil spirit and need to work with a priest.

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You seem to think that the Protestants don’t know about Mary because the Holy Spirit hasn’t revealed it to them.

I personally think the Protestants don’t know about Mary because they don’t think of her as anything special and ignore the many, many indications throughout history that she is.

Don’t blame the Holy Spirit for the ignorance of a bunch of people who in some cases are outright biased against Mary. Those who truly wish to understand Mary need to open their minds to her, not just sit there and expect God to zap them with knowledge.

On top of that, lay Protestants shouldn’t be engaging in the kind of deliverance ministry where they directly call evil spirits out of people anyway. It’s bad for them. Why would Mary support that? If Mary was going to help she would simply help the person with the problem, she doesn’t need to reveal herself to a whole bunch of people who first of all a) erred by not being part of her Son’s church, b) erred by not bothering to venerate her or get to know her better, and c) erred by doing deliverance ministry in an improper and dangerous way.

That doesn’t make any sense. Satan is the opposite of Mary: he is the most prideful and rebellious creature as opposed to Mary, the most humble and obedient.

Your reply brought up strong emotions in me. And i learnt humility through your post. Thank you !

I’m late to the party on this one lol.

However, the biggest issue here is protestant’s understanding of the Communion of Saints. As Catholics we see the body of Christ as one united body…in 3 parts. Church Militant/Church Suffering/Church Triumphant.

Protestants typically do not believe that Mary is interceding for us in prayer. They believe she is in heaven enjoying a Mother’s retirement.

Now, I do know that some in the Anglican Communion will actually ask the Lord for St. Michael’s or Mary intercession in their deliverance prayers during rite of exorcism. To ask directly for a deceased Saint’s intercession is usually viewed as idolatry.

Jesus told us that whatever we ask in His name shall be done for us. Don’t be surprised when we focus so vehemently on His name and not the name of another. Catholics need not be offended by our intense devotion to Christ and our trust in His healing ability.

What i thought was interesting is that the protestants claim the saints have no interest in the happenings of earth as they are busy worshipping by the throne of God. And by the same arguement , the protestants ( in my narrow circle again ) have no knowledge or interest in the monastic life , where the religious worship God 24/7.

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