Mary, the New Eve, shall open the eyes of the Christian Right

**Mary, the New Eve, shall open the eyes of the Christian Right

**Why is there the left and the right? Is it arbitrary?

No. There are two sides to a coin because there are two faculties of soul: the intellect [the head] and the will [the heart].

One extreme, the right, is to have a head but not a heart. Which is another way of saying, your head is hard, but your heart is hard also. These are the Pharisees.

The other extreme, the left, is the opposite extreme: to have a heart, but not a head. Which is another way of saying your heart is soft, but your head is soft also.

Today, these extremes are conservatives and liberals, respectively. And these have been the extremes that the heretics pole around.

Hence, on the one hand, the modern fulfillment of the Pharisee is the hard-core, Conservative, Fundamentalist Evangelical. They are hard headed, but also hard hearted. They think straight, but cannot bend their hearts. Therefore, the Bible is literal, the world was made in six literal days, the beast is a literal world empire, and all non-Christians who die non-Christian will fry without exception. The Bible is a science book. The other disposition they take is because they are idiots, which is another way of saying that they do NOT understand that “**** happens.” IOW, like the Pharisees, they tend to assume that if you are suffering from misfortune, it is because of your sin. Hence, their world is very simple: good people prosper materialistically, hence, those who suffer misfortune are sinners who have it coming to them. If only they would repent, they would not suffer like they do.

Now, the good point of the liberals is that they are very much aware that “**** happens”, in fact, they have either gone through some serious **** that they didn’t deserve, or else have seen or known plenty of people that have done so. Therefore, they have compassion, unlike Pharisees. But precisely because they have witnessed so MUCH seemingly senseless “****” happen to SO many good people, and in view of the absurb arguments between people on the right (“whose wife will she be?”, or derivatively “which are the respective nations of the beast, false prophet, whore, and the creatures of the fifth trumpet? How did the kangaroos after the Flood get to Australia? How do we reconcile a 6,000 year old universe with the scientific data?”), the left has grown disillusioned with “God’s truth”, and tend therefore to doubt much of the stuff that is orthodox truth (such as, “there is no Resurrection.”). And since their well-meaning compassion is not guided by a right-thinking brain, they become, as it were, more lax in regards to morals.

Hence, these are the extremes that tend to divide the heretics: On the one hand, there are the right leaning heretics, who are ultra literalists and so head bent on determining truth, that they fail to love the persons before their own eyes, and hard heartedly condemn persons in presumptuous judgement, such as non-Christians.

On the other hand, there are the disillusioned compassionates, who would rather not think, and therefore reduce the Gospel to the mere corporal works of mercy, and who, by virtue of a misguided compassion, tend to allow serious immoralities because the alternative practice of virtue may in many cases require a significant, heroic virtue.

Christ stands in between the two hypocrites, as does His Church. For Christ’s Church has a [hard] head and a [soft] heart. That is the balance.

Hence, the reunion of Christians that takes place eschatologically, if Christ’s prayer is to ever be answered, must necessarily involve the conversion of the Pharisees of the NT and the likewise Sadducees as well. And in Christ’s day, the New Adam converted the Pharisee Saul by knocking him off his horse.

Similarly, just as the Pharisees and Sadducees of Christ’s day attacked Him, the New Adam, and just as it was that very New Adam who knocked the Pharisee [Saul, who became thereafter, St. Paul] off his horse to bring his conversion and remove the scales from his eyes, is this not paralleled today in that the modern Pharisees, the evangelicals, because they are of the New Adam, do not attack Him but necessarily attack His counterpart, the New Eve? Yes, certainly do the Pharisees of the NT assault the Virgin with great vehemence. For again, they are hard in heart, and the Virgin represents everything that is soft, hence, they must attack the Virgin.

And how shall the Virgin knock them off their horse? Does it not center on the greatest mystery of religion, suffering? For do not the children of Mary understand the full meaning of suffering, which is to unite one’s sufferings with Christ and merit graces for others? Therefore, because the Pharisees of old presumed their materialistic welfare on account of their “righteousness”, do not also the NT Pharisees succumb to the same lie, that because they are “holy and chosen”, they shall not suffer? Which is their perennial lie that is called the rapture, where they see themselves immune from the horrors coming on the world?

So, in the Minor Chastisement, when the Pharisees of New pass through the horrors, shall they not embrace the Gospel in all its fullness, and recognize their MOTHER whom they persecute, “She is NOT a Virgin anymore, She is NOT assumed, She is NOT Immaculate, and her children are idolators!!!”

And the disillusioned ones, shall not they convert when they see the consequences of the moral depravities they see as salvific, rather than the darknesses that they are? [contraception, abortion, divorce, euthanasia, homosexual marriage, etc]?

So then, the meaning of the NT Exile, the NT intermediate chastisement, is to unveil to all, the heretics of both persuasions, and the total apostates, the utter consequences of all deficiencies, hence showing the world its need for the fullness of faith, which alone is found in the Church that recognizes the utter purity and holiness of the Virgin, the New Eve.

I am deeply offended by the statement that ‘Christian right’ means not to have a heart. You don’t need to bleed all over the floor, wail and wring your hands and act like a Pharisee—and your characterization of the Pharisee is incorrect also—in order to have genuine compassion.

Christ said that the Pharisees were hard of heart. What more do you want?

This is why a Catholic cannot be fully Republican.

where’s that in the CCC ?

I have no objections to catholic teaching on Mary but this one is way way out there.
That could be because I don’t think politics of this day can be compared to the political concerns of the Jews at the time of Jesus. But, that’s me. Maybe there is something to this, I can’t see because I am not a believer.

Not explicitly, but if you listen to Papa Benny, he will say practically what I am saying.

Most Republicans favored the Iraq War and continue to do so, and they supported Desert Storm as well, for the most part. The position of the Vatican, and, in the case of the second Iraq War both the current and last pontiff, was opposed to them.

Similarly, the Vatican discourages, while not infallibly, the death penalty in most cases. Similarly, JPII was more progressive economically, as Benedict appears to be as well. And these are due to the longstanding tradition of the Church being partial to the poor and downtrodden. And these are left minded ideas.

I thought christians were to adapt to any political climate or country they were in and that is one of the distinguishing features of it as a religion compared to Judaism and Islam.

I didn’t even think that catholic christians were held to any particular position on political party with some obvious exceptions (when it forces them to go against their faith)

The new testament through the gospels describes only 90 hours of the life of Jesus selected from about three years of his life.

How confident do you think you would be if we had videos of all 90 hours? Jesus said to love your neighbor as yourself, he didn’t make that up. It is part of what god said in Leviticus 19:18

The first part of that commandment is to hold no grudges…

You fail to connect the dots. Not to mention painting in broad strokes of both stereotype and sheer factual error.

I have trouble with the current state of the Republican party myself. If only they would stop acting like Democrats, and stop supporting abortion, homosexual ‘marriage’ and socialism, voters would have a clear choice.

But what has any of that to do with Blessed Mary Ever Virgin?

Did a Republican scare you or something?

And what’s with all these ********'s?

Yes yes, you are very correct: the Church is definitely liberal.

:rolleyes: :shrug:

That’s horsepuckey. I’m Catholic, I’m Republican, and I’m secretary of my Union. Give me a break!

Let’s see… there’s also the American soldier. Doing the dirty work others won’t do—getting spit upon by those whose liberty to spit he has protected with his very life.

Nothing Christian about that. Nope.


I was also wondering what Blessed Mary has to say about left-wing cafeteria Christians who support abortion, homosexual marriange, and communism. Or is that just fine with her?

And again, what’s with all the *******??? :confused:

I think he might be using the word c r a p, they star that one out too, see: ****

That’s just a suggestion, I’m not sure though . . . I’ve never heard the expression, “c r a p happens.” :smiley:

The FULLY Christian right sees in part but not in full.

If they saw in full, then, if we had masturbation problem, we would need to be our own personal Mrs. Bobbit, we would have to believe that the earth has four corners and is 6,000 years old, that all who die non-Christian fry without exception, and that Christ will reign in a literal thousand years in an old earth before the New Creaiton.

Fully right Christians usually believe that good people prosper and bad things happen to bad people, so that if you suffer misfortune, it is because of some sin you did.

Fully right Christians are letter of the law, which is not bad, but then they will not lift finger to help the poor.

Statistics show that fewer abortions occur under democrat presidents. Why? Cuz they do more to help the poor than republican presidents.

then you are not fully in line with Catholic principles.

The Church is mostly conservative in mind, but mostly liberal in heart. :slight_smile:

excrement happens. :slight_smile:

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