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I was wondering how many of you have heard of this order and what are your thoughts?


I have friends who have experience with them and I have heard both good and bad, but that is true of any community - some people will click and others will not. They have a wide variety of ministries but some are potentially controversial - working with people with AIDs as an example so one would have to make sure the work they do in these areas does not conflict with Church teaching. I am quite sure it doesn't but one should always make sure a congregation is 100% in line with the teachings of the Church. One of my major impressions is that I am always slightly disappointed when congregations have given up the traditional habit. I know the habit does not a religious make, but that's just my personal feeling on it.

If you're interested in missionary orders, you may be interested in looking at this website. At the top you can click "By Apostolate" and select "Missions" and it gives you a list of articles on various congregations with that apostolate.


For information on the Maryknolls and other organizations that claim to be catholic, visit In the "resources" section, there will be a subsection entitled "site reviews". Comments are made concerning fidelity, useability, resources, strengths, and weaknesses.

The Maryknolls were given a "red light" meaning it is a dangerous organization. Check out the review for more information.


Sisters in Jesus the Lord was founded by a Maryknoll sister who said she was tired of the New Age stuff that had crept into the community. If you google her new community, you can read all about them.

As far as I can tell, Maryknoll has gotten away from the original vision of Mother Mary Joseph Rogers. Find a large book called "Maryknoll" and it will explain their history. They even have a cloister populated by former active sisters.

I'd love to find an original rule for the Maryknolls.



I had to stay over there in the guest quarters(in Ossining, NY, Maryknoll Motherhouse) with an elderly friend of mine whose sister had joined them in the early 40’s. She was ill at the time(going back a good ten years). Anyway, out of the several hundred sisters there in the dining hall, I only saw one elderly(upper 80’s or older!)sister with a habit in the whole place, roaming the hall with her walker.
I was able to speak with another senior sister a bit and she was all for the renewal. Liberation theology has been promoted heavily by them. The social message of the Gospel is what they say is their mission. They have gotten away from why they were founded. Sadly, they are not the only ones.
Pray for them, but stay away.



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