Maryland analysts: Single-payer health care, proposed by Jealous, could cost state $24 billion a year


State-sponsored health insurance for all Marylanders such as the single-payer plan proposed by Democratic gubernatorial nominee Ben Jealous could cost $24 billion a year, forcing lawmakers to significantly raise taxes, according to a nonpartisan analysis.

Such a cost would increase the state’s $44 billion operating budget by more than half.

The analysis, drafted by the state’s Department of Legislative Services and released to The Baltimore Sun, said Maryland would have to levy a 10 percent payroll tax against every business and charge a $2,800 fee for every man, woman and child to pay for a new health care system in which doctors bill the state instead of private insurance companies.

10% of wages on top of $2800 for every man, woman, and child in the state sounds pretty expensive for “free healthcare”, but then I never understood Socialist math. If I was a bettin’ man, I’d bet heavily that the Maryland Department of Legislative Services is underestimating what the real cost will be, by a lot.


Average health insurance costs more than 2800 per year, so that would be a good deal.


$2800 per person, so for a family of four that’s $11,200, and on top of that is a 10% payroll tax which for the median Maryland family is just shy of $80,000, so add another $8,000 to that. Now you’re pushing real hard on $20,000, and that assumes that the calculations are accurate, which would be a surprise. Has their ever been a government run health care system in the US that has come in under original estimates? Even close to original estimates? Still sound like a good deal?


Ben Jealous is a fool and only the candidate because Kamenetz had a heart attack. Neither was beating Hogan either way.


There is a joke somewhere in a Democratic candidate with the surname Jealous… :stuck_out_tongue:


“Jealous wants your money!”


Want to know what government-run healthcare looks like in our country, just take a look at the VA.

This is being proposed as a payroll tax to be charged to businesses. So it’s not supposed to appear on your paycheck. But it does add considerably to the cost of labor to the company and that’s not nothing. Or think of it this way: between FICA, Medicare and this payroll tax, total tax paid ends up being 25.3% of wages charged from the first dollar. Of which the scammy thing is they’re trying to hide all but the 7.65% that actually appears on your check. The whole thing is extremely regressive. So a typical $80k earner with a family of four would cost the company $94120 when FICA and Medicare are included. The state gets 4x$2800 = $11200 + $8000 = $19200 per year. That’s more expensive than most family plans I hear about. Even the poor person making only $10 an hour gets hit. Full time, that’s just $21k per year in wages. But going to cost his employer not just $10.765 per hour, but now $11.765 per hour. So the guy making $10 per hour will now cost his employer $11.765 per hour. Or another $3670 per year per employee making $10/hour. Like I said, that’s not nothing. Going to make a lot of businesses think hard about how badly they need the number of employees they have. Not to mention push for automation in those businesses that can do it.

Then surely the progressives will insist on subsidizing the low income folks for the $2800 fee so add that to the costs of running the program.

“Jealous” of your money, eh? Isn’t socialist math great? I’m so impressed.

This will not end well.


But, but, but…this time it will be different. Isn’t the 3000% savings you got from Obamacare enticing you to get a bit more of that good government stuff?


If not single payer, what then? We spend more on health care but we are far from universal coverage. What resource is there to having the world’s “best” health care system if the majority cannot access it? I would like to hear your solutions.


I will believe republicans are serious about ending welfare when they commit to eliminating medicare. If you are against socialized medicine, there is no way you can support medicare. One question republicans have never been able to answer is why we borrow $300 billion per year to subsidize parts B and D. Why should that be the responsibility of our grandchildren. I predict we will here crickets from the so called believers in small government on this issue.


So do you support single payer?


No. (10 characters)


Markets work for every other necessity of life, why not medical care? No sane person advocates for single payer food or housing. Why health care?


But isn’t the problem with health care is the fact that costs are inelastic. Theoretically, wouldn’t it be simpler to have single-payer because you have a universal pay-in (like let’s say a higher payroll tax) to help pay for a basic floor of care/coverage for everyone? At the very least, I do think there is a need for a safety net and many countries seem to have a working model and it saves a lot of worry and anxiety for a lot of working people. I know it’s not first-rate coverage, but could a Medicaid for All type plan could work to ensure no one gets left behind?


My issue with single payer is that service will go down and costs will go up. I’ll end up with less for more $. Nothing the government does is cost effective…nothing. All of my customers (business owners and/or P&L owners in larger companies) complained about the impact of HCA on their healthcare costs. Obama’s promise of you can keep your doctor and 3000% savings didn’t happen. There are people we need to help…but a further takeover of the healthcare system by an inefficient government will fail.


I don’t think this is a “fact” at all.

Lots of things work well in theory. I haven’t seen any “single payer” healthcare systems that work well in practice though.

We have one of those. It’s called Medicaid and it’s very expensive and doesn’t work very well, like most government programs.


Markets do not work for heath care because it is so expensive most people cannot afford it without insurance. And some people cannot buy insurance because of preexisting conditions.


Housing is expensive too, but somehow we manage with a mostly free market. And most health care isn’t that expensive.

You have to buy insurance before you get sick, not after.


It would help to get rid of occupational licensing laws that artificially raise prices and increase the cost of care.


But some people start off sick when they are born.

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