Maryland -Gay Marriage Passed House, Feb.17 th -Expected To Pass Senate And Be Signed By Governor

As per the last thread on new gay marriage law in Washington, I am not sure about whether these states will ever see a referendum.

There is no such thing as “same sex mariage” and that’s a fact of life and of nature. It is not our fault if the laws of your state are wrong.

This is what you get (unintended consequence) when you give the state the authority to regulate marriage. Legislating and regulating morality is a fundamentally bad idea. I hope you likers of big government conservatism are learning your lesson.

There were so many constituancies that were against this the first time around. But apparently they were all taken out back to “reconsider”. It’s really getting crazy.

Very sad day for MD, though this state is a horrible state anyway. Stupid voters by and large, immoral poiliticans, and a “Catholic” Governor who is a disgrace to the Church. If it weren’t for the military industrial complex, this state would be as bankrupt as many others.

IF gay-unions-that-aren’t-actually-marriage makes it to referendum, it will most likely be outlawed, since it isn’t a majority choice by popular vote. The same forces that ensure this state is mired in poor liberal politicans year after year ironically always vote against gay-unions-that-aren’t-actually-marriage.

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