Maryland Man Accused of Providing Material Support to ISIS


The FBI said Elshinawy was instructed by ISIS to “cause destruction” or to conduct a terrorist attack in the United States. He allegedly pretended to sell printers on eBay to mask payments coming from a suspected ISIS operative. Elshinawy received the payments through Western Union and PayPal, authorities said.

Immigrant who got thru the vetting.

Proving once again Trumps point. Thank god they caught him before he attacked.


Where do you see that he’s an immigrant? Not saying you’re wrong but I’ve read several articles on this guy and none say he’s an immigrant just that he’s a “Maryland man”. And it does seem like he was radicalized while living in the US, nothing that any type of vetting or “keeping people out” would prevent.


Where did you get that he was an immigrant? (I’m not saying he isn’t, just that I can’t find confirmation of it online.) I think (not sure) the local news said he was a citizen, but he could still be an immigrant. However, if he’s a citizen, he must have been here a good while. I don’t think anyone can be blamed for not vetting for ISIS 10 years ago.

I’d be really interested to see more information if you have a link.



Yes its hard to find out he is a immigrant…gee wonder why??? He is from Egypt thru deductions I made in the complaint. Had contacts with a “childhood friend” in Egypt.


Despite the concerns raised over Syrian refugees, a recent report from the Fordham University Law School’s Center on National Security found that four out of five U.S. residents charged with supporting ISIS are American citizens and nearly two-thirds were born in the U.S.

I cannot find any where that says this man is an immigrant, not that it matters.


I have a childhood friend that lives in another country. But I was born here (so was she, as it happens, but she is an immigrant to the other country :slight_smile: ). He may well be an immigrant, but I think it’s best to make sure of things before saying them.



It does matter. Shows the failure of our security apparatus in weeding these clowns out.


Well if he entered the country before becoming an extremist, or before Daesh existed, there’s no way he could have been routed out. It seems he’s a citizen so he’s been in the US longer than Daesh has existed at the very least. That’s what’s funny about this immigrant hysteria. So far the mastermind of San Bernadino and this guy were both US citizens, not recent immigrants. And both appear to have been radicalized while living in the US.


If he were a recent immigrant, then that might be a point. Though it is still anecdotal evidence, like an assault rifle be used to commit a crime always leads to calls for their bans. However, there is no way to “weed out” what one may become in the future. Any such attempt is Orwellian to say the least.

In any case, there is no indication that he is an immigrant. Actually, there is not eve really any evidence of him actually planning to do anything. His “providing material support” so far is taking a pledge, talking about doing something and taking $8700 of their money. I wonder if the geniuses at the FBI ever sent money to that Nigerian prince.

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