Mary's Garden


Spring is coming up and i’d like to make my own Mary garden. Does anyone have a Mary Garden? Can you share pictures of your garden with me? Are we able to submit pics might be the question?
I am really looking forward to starting one in my backyard. :slight_smile:

Oh! Look at this one I just found! Beautiful!,DELA:2006-04,DELA:en%26sa%3DN


I’ll take my phone with me to church right now and see if I can capture the little chapel to which a garden road leads in this light. Hope it works. :wink:


Mary lives in our garden all year round. The granddaughter who tried to talk me into an elf or giant cat (she was 2 and is now 6-ish) instead is now glad we have Mary.


We have Mother Mary in our front yard for 3 years … I never did cement the statue in the ground because we knew we would be moving. In the fall the statue, fell over ( luckily no damage) so now it is in our front porch. Once we move I intend to make it stable and more permanent.
Will try and post some pictures.


Check out for some ideas. I just put “Mary Gardens” in my search engine and a great bunch of websites came up.

I’m going to look at some for ideas right now. Great topic!:thumbsup:


My church has a big statue of Mary in its garden! so pretty!


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