Mary's Guardian Angel

While praying the Joyful mysteries I started thinking of what must it have been like for the angel assigned to the Blessed Virgin. I don’t know if this is worthy of a thread (and I’m not really sure where to post it) but it is an intriguing thought, yes?

Did it spend her entire life in awe (and perhaps some fear) because it was guarding the Queen of Heaven, its own queen?

Was it bored because Satan had no role in her life and never could because she had the entire Trinity protecting her? (God the Father, her Son and her Spouse the Holy Spirit)?

Or was it constantly fighting off attempts by Satan and every other demon trying to tempt her to sin?

Did it go in paroxysms of joy because it got to spend time in and around Jesus, its God?

Did other angels have “guardian envy” because of who it was guarding?


I suppose that Joseph had a guardian angel too then. And Jesus, did Jesus have a guardian angel?

Yes, I’m sure Joseph had a guardian angel. However, Joseph had a normal human (fallen) nature so I’m guessing his angel had more “to do” in protecting him. Since Mary was born without original sin and was protected from sin that raises (as I’ve noted) some interesting questions about her angel.

I thought about Jesus’ having a guardian angel and reached the conclusion that he didn’t. Jesus is the 2nd person of the Trinity who took to himself a human nature. Now, if it was part of human nature to have a guardian angel then he would have had one, but I think our guardian angels are more gifts from God. So Jesus, being God, would not have had (or needed) one. Or, on the flip side - since Jesus was God EVERY angel was his guardian angel! :smiley:

He told His persecutors that He could call down not one, but more than “fourscore legions” (800,000) of angels !!!


Angels don’t get bored. We can’t ascribe human characteristics to non-corporal spiritual beings. They pray for our well being and guide us in even the smallest tasks.
They are our heavenly protectors and best friend. God is so good to us, to give us the support of the angels and saints. :thumbsup:
God bless.

But, but…that isn’t what Hollywood tells us! :wink:

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