Mary's Intercession? (Revisited)

I am struggling with the same questions? I agree that Mary and the Saints can be asked to intercede, but that is not how this Dogma is defined…

It says we have to have her actual cooperation, (choose to cooperate)

Care to give some context for those of us who did not follow the other thread(s)? To which dogma are you referring, for starters?

To which dogma do you refer? The title of your post is “Mary’s intercession,” and your question is about intercession. The Church says that Mary (and all Saints) can intercede for us. In what way is Mary’s intercession dogmatically defined in a different manner than that of other Saints?
It says we have to have her actual cooperation, (choose to cooperate)Intercession IS “actual” cooperation, and it is not limited to Mary. What are you asking?

My apologies for not responding in a timely manner my daughter just had her baby.

Ithought I was posting to the thread that was discussing if Mary as Mediatrix was Dogma not starting new thread…anyway, there was a link that said since Mary’s Assumption into Heaven no grace is conferred on man without her intercessory cooperation.

I interpret that to be Mary must choose to cooperate for grace to be received.

So this leads to the question is this the church’s teaching on the Assumption or is something the 5th Marian Dogma would accomplish ?

Mary as Mediatrix of All Graces is not a universally held belief of the Church.

There some that identify with a movement to define this belief as a dogma. This idea of universal mediation has been formally contemplated a number of times and the Church decided that it was not opportune to define a new dogma on the subject. Further, the topic was debated (rather hotly) during VII and the majority were not in favor.

I highly recommend the book ‘The Question of Mary’ by Rene Laurentin for great insights on this topic.

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