Mary's Intersession

Can Mary’s prayers really CHANGE God’s mind, if God is perfect… then why would He NEED to change His mind

No prayers can change God’s mind. God already has a perfect will which he will enact. Our prayers, whether through Mary or directly to God, are a form of obedience. If we expect to be given something, we are to ask; this is not to say that our asking is what causes God to give.

Be careful–this long road leads to Calvinism and the suggestion that, if God knows all and does not change, our evangelization can have no effect on the salvation of anyone.

God choosed Mary to bear his son Jesus, than after Jesus death,and when Mary died, God choose her son Jesus to crown Mary he,s mother Queen of Heaven and Earth. It is said that mary is are Spiritual Mother,and it also been said, that Jesus never refuses his Mothers wishes,so we beeen told that threw Mary,who,s Heart is united with her Son, their is nothing Impossable,that God well do when we ask Jesus Mother ,to Intersessed for us. Amen :heaven:

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