Mary's Miracle Prayer

Thank you Blessed Mother

Prayer To The Virgin Mary (never Known To Fail)


Prayer to the Virgin Mary (never known to fail)
Oh most beautiful flower of Mt. Carmel, fruit wine splenderous of
Heaven, Blessed Mother of the Son of God, Immaculate Virgin, assist
me in my necessity. Oh Star of the Sea. Help me and show me herein
you are my Mother. Oh Holy Mary, Mother of God, Queen of Heaven
and Earth, I humbly beseech you from the bottom of my heart to
succour me in my necessity.
There is none that can withstand your power. Oh show me here you
are my Mother. Oh Mary conceived without sin, pray for us who have
recourse to Thee (3 times). Thank you for mercy towards me and
mine. Amen. This prayer must be said for 3 consecutive days and after
that the request will be granted and the prayer must be published.

Hi, Grace,

Beautiful prayer; it sounds quite compelling.

However, I’m sorry to have inform you that this is a form of superstition. Prayer is not a lucky charm; God does not fulfill wishes because of some “prayer formula” which says that if you do action X a Y number of times, you will get result Z.

Prayer is a communication with God directly or through the intercession of the saints, and we can certainly ask for help and/or certain wishes that we need. We must not, however, subscribe to superstitious prayers that claim to give a wish “without fail” if certain things are done. This superstition is not only false, but it can be harmful in that it can damage the faith of those who practice it, and it also subverts the purpose of prayer to something it is not.

Please don’t use or publish any of these superstitions.

God Bless!


Really? This is where I got the prayer. From this site.

Where on the site did you find it? Not on any official Catholic Answers post, correct?

This was posted back in Feb 2013. From Grace1003. And others.

Yes. Those posts are in error, as stated by the other posters on those threads.

This is superstition.

You should certainly pray to Our Lady, the Saints, and God Himself, but not in a manner that is superstition.

If I could add in my small observation, when did the words “fruitful vine” become changed to “fruit wine”. This prayer, the Flos Carmeli, is centuries old and has been a favorite of Carmelites since it’s composition. Using this beautiful prayer as some sort of lucky charm and corrupting the words is just wrong. Please pray this as the tribute to the Blessed Virgin that it is.

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