Mary's Response of Faith - Fearless


Unlike Zechariah who was troubled, but responded with fear, Mary who was also trouble, engaged what the Angle said to her and tried to understand what was said.

How can we have a faith without fear like her?

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I don’t know if she was without fear; her answer could mean a cruel and painful death for her and dishonor for her family. She certainly seems to have answered with trust, though. In my opinion, it was her faith and trust that gave her the courage she needed just to engage with the angel (Gabriel?), and with hope in God, she answered. It must have been difficult when she considered what it would mean to and for her parents if she was found pregnant while betrothed to Joseph, who had had no relations with her. She was human, after all.


I think you might be giving Zechariah a bad wrap. When Luke 1:13 tells us of his fear, it was not fear of the message, it was fear of the messenger! He was terrified by the angel, which under similar circumstances probably would have at least startled us, if not terrified us!


Just to clarify, it was Pope Benedict who characterises Mary as without fear in his book on the Nativity. I’ll try to get the exact quote when I have some time.

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