Mary's Rosary Promises

I started a new series on my blog where I go in depth on each of Mary’s 15 promises she made to St. Dominic for those who pray the rosary. I’m on #2 right now. I read a lot about people who are looking for answers or signs to their prayers so maybe some of you will appreciate my thoughts on signal graces.

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I think people often place too much energy looking for overt signs to the point where they aren’t experiencing signal graces, but looking for justifications. If you have a big, life-changing decision then it’s only natural to look for any sign that you are making the right choice. I think signal graces manifest themselves as a more internal and almost intangible feeling and not something external. In my experience, a signal grace is more of a sense of peace or confidence that comes when you allow God to help you make the right choice. It is such a subtle feeling that I can’t even begin to describe it with my clumsy prose. But that subtlety also highlights the importance of rosary meditation because without that heightened sense of awareness of God’s influence in your life, you may not notice it through the “noise” of daily life.

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I’ve personally received signal graces since praying the Rosary. For me, they are like little gifts from God through Mary; they may not mean anything to anyone else and they really mean nothing to God in the big scheme of things, but they are clear to me, they make me happy, remind me that I’m loved by God, and make my life just a little bit easier in the ways that I notice. I never asked for signal graces; how do I know they are? Because before I started praying the Rosary, some things happened in certain ways, no big deal. However, almost immediately after beginning this beautiful devotion and prayer, things changed in SUCH a BIG way in this smallest of issues that I knew what was going on. Plus, I believe that they’ve been revealed to me through Mary that they are signal graces. Even when it seems impossible that this signal grace I’ve been given will not happen…it still happens nearly 100% of the time. The graces are given in one of the things that used to frustrate me the most. It’s hard to explain…but I know they are true.

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