Mary's Spouse?

Please explain the following to me. I really don’t understand it:

"She taught him how to say the Rosary and explained its value and the fruits to be gained by it. She favored him with the glorious title of her new spouse and–as pledge of her chaste affection for him–she placed a ring on his finger and a necklace made of her own hair around his neck, and she gave him a crown of the Rosary. (The Secret of the Rosary, Grignion de Monfort, p. 42).

How could Blessed Alan be her spouse? Thank you for your help in clarifying this for me.

Hmmm. The Holy Spirit is Mary’s Spouse. I suppose insofar as Blessed Alan is so holy as to be one with the Holy Spirit, he is one with that attribute of the Holy Spirit. ?

Without seeing the whole quote in context, I think Blessed Alan was a priest? A priest is wedded to the bride of Christ, the Church. The Church is also the figure of Mary. The term “spouse” in your quote could certainly be reconciled in this sense.

…Poor St Joseph… :frowning:


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