Mary's Sufferings with Jesus

Dear Brother and Sisters,

Today begins the Sacred Triduum, and we enter ever more deeply into the mystery of God’s Love. Continuing to hear Jesus’ Words: “Behold your Mother”, I wanted to “see” by faith, Mary who is both Mother and Model for the Church, that I might enter this Holy Week more fully.

The Lord provided me with a book whose author has been a great help to me especially in his Two Volume work: *The Three Ages of the Interior Life *(1938). Quotes below are from his later, shorter work: Mother of the Saviour And Our Interior Life (1948), Part II - Chap. 2 -“Mary’s Universal Mediation During Her Earthly Existence”, Article 3 - The Sufferings of Mary…

…As Mother of the Redeemer, Mary was closely united to Jesus by perfect conformity of will, by humility, by poverty, by suffering—and most particularly by her compassion on Calvary. That is what is meant when it is said that she offered satisfaction along with Him. Her satisfaction derives its value from her dignity as Mother of God, from her great charity, from the fact that there was no fault in herself which needed to be expiated, and from the intensity of her sufferings.

The Fathers treat of this when they speak of Mary “standing” at the foot of the Cross, as St. John says (John 19:25). They recall the words of Simeon, “Thy own soul a sword shall pierce,” and they show that Mary suffered in proportion to her love for her crucified Son; in proportion also to the cruelty of His executioners, and the atrocity of the torments inflicted on Him Who was Innocence itself. The liturgy also has taught many generations of the faithful that Mary merited the title of Queen of Martyrs by her most painful martyrdom of heart. That is the lesson of the Feasts of the Compassion of the Blessed Virgin and of the Seven Dolors, as well as of the Stabat Mater.

Leo XIII summed up this doctrine in the statement that Mary was associated with Jesus in the painful work of the redemption of mankind. Pius X calls her “the repairer of the fallen world” and continues to show how she was united to the priesthood of her Son: "Not only because she consented to become the mother of the only Son of God so as to make sacrifice for the salvation of men possible, but also in the fact that she accepted the mission of protecting and nourishing the Lamb of sacrifice, and when the time came led Him to the altar of immolation—in this also must we find Mary’s glory. Mary’s community of life and sufferings with her Son was never broken off. To her as to Him may be applied the words of the prophet: ‘My life is passed in dolors and my days in groanings.’ To conclude this list of Papal pronouncements we may refer to the words of Benedict XV: In uniting herself to the Passion and death of her Son she suffered almost unto death; as far as it depended on her, she immolated her Son, so that it can be said that with Him she redeemed the human race’…

Perhaps, you like me, offer yourself at the Consecration of the Mass as Mary did, with Jesus. After Jesus ascended into heaven and the Apostles offered Mass repeating the words of Jesus, “This is My Body. This is My Blood”; did Mary remember not only His Death, but His Conception? When Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit was conceived Incarnate in her womb, she gave to Him her body and blood and she gave herself totally again with Him on Calvary.

Come Holy Spirit, fill the hearts of Your faithfl; kindle in us the Fire of Your Love.
O Jesus, living in Mary, come and live in your servants…
Mary, Mother and Model of the Church , pray for us.

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