Mary's 'Yes' to God is a yes to us

Just a thought rather than a question which I wanted to share. While in prayer to Mary asking for her intercession, I wanted to thank her for saying ‘Yes’ to God. There have been times in my own life where my ‘yes’ to something would bring me recognition, but with it great responsibility. I try to be meek and shun recognition and I worry when I am given responsibility. But Mary, who shows great meekness and complete faith, says ‘yes!’ - like Abraham- doing the will of the Father.

When Jesus says to the beloved disciple, John; “behold your Mother,” he is entrusting her motherhood to us all. We become her adopted sons and daughters.

To me this seems to be another time where Mary obeys God. If a leader at work or school says “ok, X is going to be the leader on this project” the person nods and assumes that role. I see Mary as assuming this role as another ‘yes’ to Jesus which is why we should pray with confidence to her.

I would add that a caller on Catholic Answers Live summarised a reply from Bishop James when he discerned that Jesus had Mary’s blood. Mary made the word flesh. I found this profound.

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