Masked Singer finale

Well I had no idea who the winner and first runner up were. I knew who the third runner up was ----"Little bow wow " because he had been in a Tyler Perry Madea movie.


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I have a niece that likes the Madea movies, I bet that’s the same thing she would say

Oh we’ve seen them all. The last few were a bit more “raw” with the language and material but too many funny lines to quote here.

I actually knew about the plays before any of the movies were released. I had a substitute teacher that would bring them on tapes when I was in Middle School

Please tell me they didn’t show his movies at school. Oh we’d have gotten in serious trouble if We had done that.

Nah, the movies didn’t exist yet, it was just plays. They’re also quite a bit different than the movies. Some of the plots and characters are basically the same, but obviously you have to do a play differently than a movie.

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I was surprised Night Angel won. I feel like I’ve been thinking-oh she’s being unmasked tonight for the last 5 weeks.

The only person I guessed correctly this season was the taco.

I definitely knew Hunter Hayes almost after the first time he sang.

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My husband and I love this show! It’s so positive and fun.

Nick Cannon reminds me of P.T. Barnum, who added anything to his shows and exhibitions that would entertain someone. Cannon hasn’t missed anything–he dresses up in sparkles and no socks and a cape and turban (like a genie!)–reminds me of Liberace, who once famously said, “I cried all the way to the bank!”

He has somehow learned to seem interested in everyone who comes across his path–I honestly think it’s sincere. I think he truly likes people and enjoys mixing and chatting and I think he remembers everyone and appreciates them. Maybe in private he’s laughing at all of us silly people who get excited about a singing frog (remember the Warner Bros. classic cartoon with Michigan J. Frog?! I’ll bet Nick Cannon remembered it!). But I truly think he enjoys people and that’s why his silly show is so loveable.

Masked Singer has a great mix of celebrities guessers on the panel, both beautiful and plain, funny and emotional, talented in various aspects of entertaining, and friendly with each other and with the audience, the contestants, and the host. Dr. Ken is a hoot–he makes all of us who are not “beautiful” feel like he’s our pal!

The dancing and choreography is wonderful–we’ve loved the bananas that danced with Brett Michael this season! But all of the dances are so cool!

The songs are great–I actually know at least some of the songs that are sung every week, and they’re beautifully staged.

The COStUMES and MASKS are soooo cool! My favorite in the three seasons so far is the Fox (Wayne Brady in Season 2). I loved the frog this season–those big bulgy eyes and mouth reminded me of the people from Lovecraft’s stories with “the Innsmouth look!”.

And the glimpses of the audience are so fun! I would LOVE to be in that audience! I love their gestures that symbolize each contestant.

The stage and sets are so pretty, too. I’m sure that up close, it looks cheap and flimsy, but on TV, it looks like Vegas!

And all the creativity–the “smackdown,” the “take it off! Take it off!” (did anyone see the video of that baby saying “Take it off!” in his crib?! soo funny).

And Cannon seems so friendly and interested in his peeps! He fraternizes with the audience, the contestants, the judges–I even enjoyed the “after parties” that were shown the last few weeks, and normally those are so stupid–but the Masked Singer after-parties looked fun and friendly.

This show definitely went on the air at the right time in American history–I loved what one of the television audience members said, “Throughout this shelter in place, I knew whenever it was Wednesday because I knew that Masked Singer was on!” That’s kind of the way I feel–it’s been a little breath of positivity throughout this horrible pandemic.

Keep it up, Masked Singer and Nick Cannon!


My ONLY complaint is all of the OMG’s. But the rest is great. GREAT talented people. I’m going to miss seeing it every week for a few months.

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