Masked teens killed by Georgia homeowner in robbery attempt

One article of faith for the anti-second amendment crowd is that, “No one needs an assault type rifle.”

What if you are attacked around 4 am at your home by three masked robbers who begin firing at you with a handgun? I would speculate that if you only have a small caliber revolver without extensive training and experience in extremely high stress situations like this, you and your family will likely be dead in minutes. Fortunately, this homeowner in Georgia was able to save his family, even if the cost was the death of three robbers.

The reporting on this incident is all over the place with some outlets already criticizing “stand your ground” laws and others minimizing what seems to be an obvious armed robbery as an attempted burglary. I chose to use the link from CNN because no one will accuse CNN of having a conservative bias. Since this incident only occurred this morning, there are sure to be more updates.


We sleep with a loaded gun in an unlocked drawer by the bed. God help the poor soul who tries to break into our house in the wee hours of the morning.


The police are not obligated to protect you. The Supreme Court already decided that for us. Bravo for this homeowner.


Personally I would rather call the police and defend my family with neighour rousing commotion even at risk of injury, than mow down 3 teenagers with an automatic weapon and live the rest of my life with that on my conscience.

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If it was just me I’d probably risk personal injury before using lethal force. But I would never risk the lives of those who look to me for their protection.


I watched the story on the local news. The teen’s friends and family said that the guy didnt have to kill them and that he had gone to far. I don’t have a gun myself, but when someone presents an unambiguous lethal threat I can’t criticize them for exercising the upper limits of their ability to preserve their own life.


Have you ever been in that situation? Have you ever had a stranger standing at your bedroom door in the middle of the night while your child slept in the next room? We’re you a single female?

That happened to me. I had a gun, a loaded gun I knew how to use and was ready to use. I pointed it at the man. He made the statement that I wouldn’t dare shoot someone. I asked him if he was 110% sure of that. He turned to walk out of my house and I followed with the gun pointed at his back the whole time.

I wasn’t willing to “risk the injury” that man had in mind and I was certainly never going to put the safety of my child at risk. I’m glad I didn’t have to shoot him, I don’t know how it would have felt, but I do know it was him or me.


But suppose the rest of your life was about 30 seconds, and the attackers had their way with your wife and daughter?


[2265]Legitimate defense can be not only a right but a grave duty for one who is responsible for the lives of others. The defense of the common good requires that an unjust aggressor be rendered unable to cause harm. For this reason, those who legitimately hold authority also have the right to use arms to repel aggressors against the civil community entrusted to their responsibility.

I hope that no one here would argue that parents are not responsible to protect their minor children.


How would you know they were teenagers? They all wore masks and started shooting. There was not enough time to interview them on how trouble in their school and home life was going.


And you have every right to do so, but to portray teenaged armed and masked intruders who fired 5 rounds first as teens being mowed down is ludicrous.

The article says a resident heard an assault weapon, but the rarity of such automatic rifles leads me to believe is wasn’t an assault weapon, but instead semiautomatic.




Personally I would rather call the police and defend my family with neighour rousing commotion even at risk of injury, than mow down 3 teenagers with an automatic weapon and live the rest of my life with that on my conscience.

Forgive me if I’m wrong…but I think you have said on other posts that you’re in Australia…in your case you possibly would not be in a life or death situation as here in the US as far as guns are concerned…you’re lucky that you would probably not be confronted by an intruder armed with a gun…here in the US you can’t afford to take that chance…there’s a good chance of kill or be killed…sad but true.

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He had a Machine Gun?!

If any member of your family dies as a result, you’d have to live with that too…


You mean a black semiautomatic rifle with fancy polymer accoutrements?

Truly, God intervened in that situation. That could’ve ended poorly… for him.


Not hard to find contrary news stories

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This is where I’m coming from which concord’s with the position of my country. I would rather live in a society where gun violence is minimal due to lack of availability of them, and that our school children and toddlers in kindergarten don’t live in fear of massacre, than focus so small scale on what might happen in my own house. It’s really the difference in mindset between peace time and cold war. I don’t desire the feeling that my personal safety is worth sacrificing thousands of vulnerable people in the big picture.

Even if by some strange magic I happened to have a rapid fire weapon in my house, I’d still fire a warning barrage first to see the response. Not immediately mow down anyone. When the law allows you to go straight to mow down anyone without warning or any tactical techniques like the police are trained in, that’s nothing but the lawlessness of the wild west.

(I’m a wife btw). I don’t want my husband to think that he is ‘obliged’ to kill anyone he thinks ‘might’ do something. It’s such a dismal subconscious state to exist in.

We believe that it is no coincidence that restricting gun ownership and lower gun related crime go hand in hand. That is the basis of gun restriction. You will no doubt now get someone citing cities, States and countries that have gun control but high gun crime because of vulnerable border circumstances, try and convince you the crime would go down if they had free range guns. No one outside the US actually believes that fantasy either.

I hope you don’t think that the only way to protect your minor children is to armed with an assault weapon and prepared to kill based on your personal assessment. That’d be an insult to every country who doesn’t allow civilian defense arms.

Which is why I think it’s an insane policy not to mandate intense defensive training for gun owners in not just weapons but in tactical matters like the police do. To just put a killing machine into a randoms hands and say just kill regardless.

As one reads this article, at least I think it is a situation none of us wants to get to because it must leave a trace forever in the soul.
So I was also thinking, that if one lives in a neighborhood ( or country…snif…)where the possibility of a burglary like this to happen is high, railings in the windows make a difference.
It is true that if one has that fraction to get into safety, into the house, or stay inside,in a protected house,that gives time to call the police and yell for neighbour’s help.It is important to have preventive measures so as to avoid having to resort to that last choice( if we deem it a choice in good conscience given the circumstances) of having to make of an event a matter of life or death.
True is also, that we sincerely do not know how we will react, until the time comes.

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