Mason secret.

Does anyone know what the big mason secret is? the one that makes it a rumored Satanic cult. I was under the impression that the Catholic Church under Rome was the only rite in which members are excommunicated for joining.( Big reason why I’m still a catholic)
I talked to a couple Masons I was friends with and they told me if I new what it was I would laugh because it was so easy to figure out.
Also I had a friend that had been out of the church for 30+ years and joined the Masons right before he retired, Then immediately quit going as he felt it contradicted Christ
Also most the people I know who where Masons; where also into wife swapping. Is that one of the fringe benifets of being a mason, sharing your wife with other men?
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Masonry is immoral to join because it is a non-Catholic religion. It portrays itself as a secular men’s group, so the church attached the stiff penalty of excommunication to discourage Catholics from joining. A Catholic in good standing could no more join the Masons than a Catholic could join a Methodist church. There isn’t anything especially sinister about Masonry, at least modern Masonry, than that.

This might help:

“…the real name of the Great Architect is Jahbulon.”

The Mason are no different from the Elks or the Knights of Columbus. There is a lot of conspiracy theory garbage about them, but it is just so much nonsense. They do a lot of great things like the Shriners hospitals. They are, of course, basically a pagan religion, which is why Catholics can’t join them. They have their own deity called the Grand Architect, and they have magical rituals and so on. Whether or not the members of Freemasonry actually believe in it is another matter, but the rituals and dogma of Freemasonry are prima facie incompatible with Catholicism. But as a wise poster above pointed out, the same is true of Methodists, but we haven’t got anything against them, right? Even though the Masons are a pagan religion, they deserve as much respect as any other non-Catholic charitable organization. Indulging in conspiracy theories helps no one.

Members of the Orthodox Churches are also prohibited by their discipilnes from joining the Masons.

I feel like my very religious Mason of a grandfather would be horrified at the thought of sharing my (eastern star) grandmother. Likewise, my mom (eastern star) and my many uncles would be just as horrified at the thought.

From what I’ve gathered, many masons are simply looking for “the Truth.” There is a great deal of symbolism involved, but that is true of any religion or pseudo-religion. The lack of understanding of what the symbolism means is probably one of the main reasons all of the conspiracy theories arise.

The wife-swapping is pure nonsense. They’re people just like you and me. You’re more likely to see ritual sex with various pagan sects.

One of my good friend’s father is an Indian Orthodox; he is a Mason though also .
My friends family also includes a high ranking bishop in India. I’ve asked him if that contradicts the Indian Orthodox rite. He told me no. I think maybe he is wrong though.
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The Russian Orthodox Church (to take an example) has repeatedly spoken against Freemasonry. ROCOR condemned unreservedly in the 1920’s and then many times afterwards as has the Orthodox Church in Russia itself and numerous other Orthodox Churches.

Masonry is not compatible with catholciity-christianity:

***Irreconcilability between Christian faith and Freemasonry***

That’s what I said.

Forgive me. Must have mixed you up with someone else.

What is wrong with the Methodists?

No problem, I am glad it was just a simple misunderstanding. I regret that I was unable to make my point more clearly.

There is nothing wrong with the Methodists, except for the fact that a Catholic can’t be a Methodist. Catholicism is incompatible with Methodism, just like it’s incompatible with Hinduism, etc. Likewise a Catholic can’t be a Freemason.

My point is that a Catholic can no more be a Freemason than a Methodist or a Hindu. But even though Freemasonry is incompatible with Catholicism, one should still be respectful of Freemasonry, just as one should be respectful of Methodists or Hindus.

But what happens if masonry is anti-christian?

I would have to ask what you mean by “anti-Christian.” From my experience, the vast majority of Masons are Protestants, and Masons in general seem to take the magical rituals and symbols with a grain of salt. Of course, it is a secret organization, so you can’t really know what goes on if you aren’t a member, but we also shouldn’t give credence to any conspiracy theories.

If by anti-Christian you mean that they are out to get Christians or seeking to undermine Christianity in some way, I don’t think there is basis for this concern.

But if by anti-Christian you meant that they espouse beliefs that are incompatible with Christianity, I completely agree with. Freemasonry is a deistic religion. But a lot of Protestants, apparently, disagree with the Catholic analysis, as Protestants are wont to do. And we must respect this.

I realize there is no such thing as a universal version of the Masons, but the masons in my home state forbid sectarian religious or political discussions in a lodge. There is an opening prayer, a closing prayer, and that’s pretty much the religious discussion of a typical meeting. When members are going through the degrees, they use what they consider to be sacred scripture.

It should be noted that every state has an independent grand lodge that may or may not recognize others. While they may have many similarities, there is no one set of practices.

  I was always under the impression that you can't be black and a mason. Though I did know one black mason in school. I had asked him about the Mason's racism. He told me that was primarily in the south and that  the term black listed comes from the mason lodges.

That used to be the case, but is no longer. Refer to:

There are still little pockets of racism in regular lodges, but in my experience it’s pretty rare.*

According to Wikipedia blacklisting came much earlier:
"According to the Henry Holt Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins the word “blacklist” originated with a list England’s King Charles II made of fifty-eight judges and court officers who sentenced his father, Charles I, to death in 1649. When Charles II was restored to the throne in 1660, thirteen of these regicides were executed and twenty-five sentenced to life imprisonment, while others escaped.

They also point out that “white list” is not the opposite of a blacklist, but rather a list, often kept by unions, of people suitable for employment. Refers to the “white-list”."

My word. What kind of people are you associated with?

This certainly doesn’t describe any Mason I’ve been associated with in any of the Lodges I’ve worked in. Of course, what people do behind closed doors a lot of times remains secret. One of the qualifications of becoming a Mason is to be a just and upright man. When we investigate men for membership we try to visit them in their homes if possible to meet their wife and family. Sometimes seeing a fellow on his home turf will give you an idea of his character.

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