Masonic 33rd Degree Ritual

Is there any ex 33rd degree Freemason on this site?

I would like to have verification that the commonly available 33rd degree ritual which can be found on the internet is in fact the ritual which is in use. It contains the phrase “Down with imposture!” referring to the Papacy.

Catholicism and freemasonary dont mix.


Absolutely. I thought that was obvious from my post.

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Why do you want to know? Freemasonry is against the faith and can open doors to the demonic. Please don’t go there my friend.


This, very much this. You wont find out the practices and protocols anyways, it is a pretty secretive society. I suggest watching a few of Fr Ripperger, Bishop Sheen, Bishop baron, and Fr john Hardon youtubes on this topic.

Thanks for the friendly advice, don’t worry I do know what Im doing. Im a qualified theologian writing an analysis of the heresies implied by masonic ritual.

Freemasons often don’t understand the extent to which masonic ritual is incompatible with Christian doctrine.

To give just one example: it seldom dawns on a mason that when he was initiated he was exhorted to “ raise a superstructure perfect in all its points.” This is nothing less than a claim to the possibility of salvation through works, but this is generally missed.

Practically every line of masonic ritual contains something of the sort but it becomes difficult to debunk convincingly if one doesn’t have the authoritative text to work with.


Some parts are more secretive than others. There are freemasons who have converted and repudiated freemasonry who I am hoping might read this.

Ive got a text, I just wantcto be sure it’s current.

John Salza is an ex-Freemason. He has his own website too. However, I agree with @OurLadyofSorrows and @hopeful3542. Don’t get involved with that stuff. I hope you’re wearing a St. Benedict Medal or crucifix.

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Im an ex 18th degree mason and former master of several lodges. I repudiated freemasonry twenty years ago and am trying to help masonic friends do the same.


Then I suggest you contact John Salza because he’s written books on this topic.

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I did see a video by him which surprised me as some of the things he mentioned don’t correspond to English freemasonry.

Thanks but this article sets out canon law without actually analysing what precisely is heretical about masonic ritual. This is a very underdiscussed subject. You cannot convince a mason to stop being a mason because the Pope says so. But there is a chance that you could convince a mason to abandon freemasonry if you could prove to his own satisfaction that masonic ritual itself proclaims principles that are contrary to Christianity. I know vast numbers of masons who are under the impression that masonic ritual is more or less meaningless and quite neutral from a theological point of view.

I gave one example earlier. Here is another: every craft lodge contains a rough ashlar and a perfect (cubic) ashlar. The purpose of these two items is never explained and most masons will never realise that the symbolism indicates that the imperfections of the soul can be redeemed not through Christ’s blood but through the practice of masonic principles, namely brotherly love, charity and truthfulness. This idea is of course also very widespread outside freemasonry and is spiritually extremely dangerous.

Can you just email the freemasons? Ask them do they believe in the divinity of Jesus as 33rd degree Masons. If the answer is no, all is sorted for you as a Catholic.

I don’t think you are reading my posts. I don’t have a problem. I am a practising Catholic.

I am trying to demolish masonic ritual by analysing the heresy of its ritual so as to persuade other freemasons to drop it.


There’s a book called “On The Masons and Their Lies” by Michael Witcoff. He’s Orthodox; I haven’t read it, but there might be at least some useful information on how Freemasonry is anti-Christian.

Thanks, but at risk of repeating myself I don’t need information on why freemasonry is anti christian. Im a highly trained academic theologian AND an ex freemason. I know perfectly well that freemasonry is antichristian and can prove it IF I can get an accurate copy of the rituals they use. I already have all the rituals up to the 18th degree as well as the Royal Arch and Knights Templar. What I am missing is the thirrty-third (probably also thirty second is necessary). If anyone has access to it please pm me.


Even people who’ve never been freemasons know that any man that rose to the 33 degree is not going to come out in public or on the internet to expose the finer heretical details for all to see. Good luck.

Unless he has ceased to be a mason, as I mentioned in the subject of this post. That’s what “ex” means.

Im sorry but you might save yourself and me some energy by reading the post more carefully. I do appreciate your good intentions but you are not helping me.

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You should know very well the chances of you finding what you seek here are next to none.

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