Masonic 33rd Degree Ritual

Thank you. No it doesn’t help me at all.

But I am willing to comment because it isn’t easy for people who have never been inside freemasonry to grasp the nature of the problem.

When you become a mason you join a lodge which has only three degrees. The religious qualification is that you must believe in a “supreme being” so atheists need not apply.

Basically all masonic ritual consists of initiating a new mason or introducing a mason to the next degree up. So once you hit the third degree there’s nothing to do except watch, unless you are an officer of the lodge actually doing these initiations.

So some (but by no means all - certainly a minority) then join another lodge (actually called a chapter, but it’s the same thing) where they do degrees 4-18. Here the religious requirement is that you must be both a Christian and. Trinitarian. Sounds encouraging!

Each degree has a fancy name… the 18th degree entitles you to call yourself a “Prince Rose-Croix of Heredom”. This kind of chapter is therefore often called a Rose-Croix Chapter, and if that reminds you of the word “rosicrucian” that’s not a coincidence, because the ritual is closely linked to rosicrucian ideas. Most ordinary christians who reach this point ignore the doubtful implications or dismiss it as harmless fun.

At this point I left freemasonry because I could already see that the requirement to believe in a supreme being is actually a way of asserting that all religions are equal which is tantamount to saying there is no god. I could also see that the requirement to be a Christian and a Trinitarian is a way of capturing and perverting Christians.

So, what happens in degrees 19 to 33? Up to degree 29 I have seen reliable ritual books which show that it’s just more elaboration of ever more weird ideas. But somewhere in degrees 30-33 the candidates are, so it is claimed, invited to stab an effigy of the pope and shout “down with imposture!” It is this ritual whose details I want confirmed by a reliable source.

So: do they invoke evil spirits? Not that I have seen. Do evil spirits gather round? I can easily believe it.

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What guitar is this supposed to be. Jimi had a couple of guitars he named but most he never did. He had one he nicknamed Betty Jean for example. But I know of no guitar owned by the man named after demons and I’ve been collecting his work and books about him for over thirty years.

There are no demonic images in lodges which do the first 3 degrees, nor in chapters which do degrees 4-18. 90 percent of masons never go beyond that.

I can’t say if there are any such images in higher chapters, as I didn’t go further than that. But it is certainly possible.

I don’t think it’s wrong, I just think there are better things to do with your time. Like I mentioned, very, very very few people care about the Masons these days. You aren’t going to accomplish much. You are obviously very intelligent-why not dedicate your research to another topic?

That of course depends on how you measure “much”. If I could persuade the circle of friends who became masons when I did - all Oxford university graduates, all churchgoers, some of them now quite senior masons - I feel I would have done something good for them and possibly others.

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Hey, if you are happy with it, knock yourself out. It’s not my time and you aren’t doing anything immoral. So go for it.

But if you are that good at persuasion (and I’m sure you are) could you start talking to some pro-choicers?

Funny you should say that but Im also translating into English a wonderful manuscript by a Spanish pro-life campaigner. It’s an account of her experience picketing an abortion clinic in Badajoz, Spain. She saved a life every month on average for 20 years. She organised homes for mothers who were being pressured into abortion, she got aid packages for those who thought they couldn’t afford their baby etc. some of the children she saved are now grown up and helping her.

When that’s done I will be looking for a publisher.

So it’s not either-or…


Like I said, good luck!

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Having attempted to have a conversation with you and try to understand why you believe showing heresies to freemasons will encourage them to leave, and having had posts flagged and removed , I am out of this thread.

I was asking what academic training you have had and what heresies are shared between the two religions, Catholicism and High Anglicans. It is a genuine question. .

I still maintain your best tact, given these are people you say will react to heresy exposed, is to point out that freemason edict (or whatever you would like to call it), of worshipping any god. Surely that would be enough.

He’s doing this for his friends. He wants to show them the evils of Masonry. It’s not just academic, it’s personal.

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In a sense yes, but the fact that they are friends means that they are more likely to listen to me than total strangers would.

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Do a forum search, there are a few interesting threads

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