Masonic Bible - What to do with it?

Ok so interesting situation:

I go to a Nondenominational Bible Study with people from all walks of life (its a great way to evangelize as a Catholic). My friend, the only other Catholic in the study, spotted a bible with an interesting symbol on it one night (the symbol is the same as the Grand Architect symbol used by the cult of Freemasons). Now the owner of the Bible is not a Mason but I asked him about it one night and told him that he would probably get some negative feedback from some of the people in the group if they saw that symbol. He honestly had no idea about it (said his parents found it in a bookstore and took it home with them and he’s had it ever since). I told him I would like to look at the book to see if it was indeed what I thought it was.

The owner decided to give me the bible, saying “he wouldn’t want to have anything in the bible study that would make anyone else feel unwelcome.” After further inspection I discovered that this is a protestant version of the masonic bible (no deuterocanonicals) but that is has a preface in the book about 200-300 pages long concerning Masonic cult stuff. Suffice it to say it is somewhat cryptic and there is even an inverted 5 point star (pentogram) within this portion of the book.

My Question is: What should I do with this Bible?

I understand the Catholic Stance on the Freemasons (No Affiliation Whatsoever, except maybe to bring people out of it).

Should I burn it?

Give it to my local Priest?

I don’t want to disrespect God by burning a bible, but I feel that this bible is probably a different situation. Thanks for your help.

Blessed sacramentals are often disposed of by either burying them or burning them so that might be a good way to dispose of it. You could also give it to your local parish and have them dispose of it for you. The priest would know exactly how to dispose of it.


Burning or burying is the best way to get rid of things like that. Seeing as it’s a book, I’d burn it. Maybe ask your local pastor though if your uncomfortable With it or something like that.

Like you said though, masons(and Masonic things) are nothing to be fooling around with. Don’t let anyone convince you otherwise. Some masons I personally know have tried to tell me they’re just fine in the churches eyes. Which is, of course, false.


Your description makes what I know about masons even more confusing.
Washington, Franklin, and other founders were Masons. They were Protestants and Deists. They weren’t the same. I doubt that their actual religious life coincided with worship from a single Bible. I doubt their religions were a ruse also.
Jefferson’s Bible is a historic artifact. He apparently cut it up so that it only had those passages where Jesus spoke. He was a Deist also.
Finally my understanding is Masons require that everyone believe in God, ( to join) but that while in their lodges, it is forbidden to reveal ones actual religion. Ones personal belief is to remain secret.
I read that GEORGE WASHINGTON’S GARDENER was voted head of his lodge. Gardener by day, in charge by night.
They keep stuff secret so who knows about your bible. I read that they use a Bible for oaths, but you can use a different book if you choose.
There are Jewish people who are Masons. So the content would be unacceptable as a text in conflict with their faith. . They obviously don’t follow the NT.

One might, just possibly, keep it on the shelf with all the other Bibles of varying provenances, and other religious writings of varying degrees of offensiveness or absurdity.

Or any other actions suggested here.


I recommend burning it.


Why not give it to a mason?


I never knew such a thing existed.

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I can’t tell you what to do with it, but if I had one I would put it on the shelf as a reference for possible future discussion. It has value, even if not for personal enlightenment.


Absolutely NOT!

Why in the world would you want to do something to help a Mason become better-educated or more confirmed in his cultic error?

I draw the line at making a modest contribution to the Shriners’ Hospitals, when called upon to do so, and I’m not crazy about that, but it is not the sick children’s fault that their free medical care is being given under the auspices of enemies of the True Faith. Many times, families resort to free medical care when they can’t afford anything else.

Personally, in that I am a bibliophile and a scholar of such things, I would keep it for historical and academic interest, to be able to refute the errors in the Masonic supplement the OP cites. Aside from this, I would either destroy it or bury it.



Being a hyper compulsive bibliomaniac, I kept the one I acquired.

Eventually, since it is approximately the size of an end-table, it went into biblio-limbo, in storage.

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Are they not also created in the image of God?

They are indeed, but that does not mean we have to help them get their errors more deeply embedded within themselves. We need to be trying to get them out of their error, if we can, not helping them to become “better Masons”.

If we do aid and abet them in their errors — and if we give them a Bible with their annotations and supplements, that’s precisely what we are doing — then it is hard to separate ourselves from the spiritual ruin and possibly even damnation that they bring upon themselves.

Are you aware of the condemnations of Freemasonry that the Church has made?


Burn it yourself or take it to your Priest.


Are Catholics seriously proposing that we return to the days of book burning?

Das war ein Vorspiel nur, dort wo man BĂĽcher verbrennt, verbrennt man am Ende auch Menschen. (That was only a prelude. Wherever one burns books, one will in the end also burn people.) Heinrich Heine, Almansor (1823), my own translation.

Note that Heine was talking about the burning of the Qur’an during the Spanish Inquisition, and the Spanish Inquisition did indeed burn people.

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Yes, I am well aware of burning old books and flags as a respectful means of disposal. However, the reason for destroying this Bible isn’t because it’s old but because it contains Masonic literature.


Because Masonry is already a heresy.


I’m not sure what your point is. Anyways…

They’re perfectly free to destroy it. Actually, they can literally trash it. However, if it makes the OP more comfortable, they may burn, bury, or take it to their Priest.


No kidding, but they are still created in God’s image. You don’t have to like them, but you do have to love them. Give them the bible and invite them to the full table of Communion with Christ in the Catholic Church.

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