Masonic burial

During a recent conversation I realized that Masons, while denying that masonic practices constitute a religion, actually have a burial rite for deceased masons. I am a geneology buff and search old graves for their historic value. Many graves have masonic symbols on them similarly to how we, as Catholics, would have a crucifix and/or a rosary.

With this in mind, how do masons deny that masonic practice is a religion in and of itself? Do they have a burial rite or not?

Albert Pike, in “Morals and Dogma,” when discussing the 32nd degree stated that Masonry was really worship according to the Kabala, which is a Jewish religious work.

they do have a burial ceremony…when my FIL (a mason) passed away the local mason lodge had a ceremony that took many things from the Catholic Church…I was actually rather SURPRISED

Yeah, it’s the Masonic symbol on the grave stones that does bug me. In my Christian mind, if you are paying to have someone engrave something on your stone, why opt for a Masonic symbol over a crucifix?

Thanks for that info. Do you remember any particulars? Was someone leading it? Was the mason ceremony the only one, or was there a church minister also? I am curious if a mason ceremony replaces another Christian ceremony.

well it was 4 years ago…I do not recall all the paticulars other than it sounded very much like a Catholic funeral mass (if I closed my eyes I could picture myself in a Church)…they had readings, etc.
The Lodge leader (or whatever they are called) lead the ceremony.
It was the only ceremony…no church service or minister present…as to replacing the Christian ceremony I dont know!!!

Speaking of this posting, I have an employee that died on July 4th. As part of the viewing, there is a Masonic service being held. Can a Catholic attend this??



There are also appointed prayers to be said at every point of lodge ritual.

The leader of the Scottish Rite, Albert Pike, wrote a large book called MORALS AND DOGMA.

If this is not religion, what is?

Yes, that bugged me a lot too, which is why I mentioned it in my arguments against Freemasonic ritual in this heated thread, in which I also provided links to the Catholic Church’s and other churches’ condemnation of Freemasonry. Masonic burials were also covered in that heated thread.

Something else–

Each Grand Lodge has its own funeral service.

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