Mass aboard US Navy ship, 1945


I just came across some amazing footage I wanted to share of Mass being offered on a US Navy ship off the coast of Japan on February 12, 1945. The video almost looks like it could have been shot yesterday.


Wow! That’s awesome.


I almost got seasick watching it! A lot of swaying back and forth. And that sailor in the short shorts wasn’t quite dressed appropriately for Mass, but I’m sure there was a war-time exception. My grandfather was in the Navy during World War II, a Machinist’s Mate on several ships. He was Lutheran though, so he would not have been at Mass, but thanks for posting all the same!


I was wondering as I watched if the above comment would come up…WOW, That was QUICK!

I am just pleased in the heart of 2 things -

  1. Mass was occurring (not sure if it would be allowed these days)
  2. So many were in attendance (again…probably not the case today)


not to take the focus off the OP and the wonderful video’ but “i” was the catholic LEM on board a US Navy cruiser; sole source of a catholic service

we had “fair” attendance at the “mass” i did


Nice find of a wartime Mass.


I believe that this was filmed for a movie.


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