Mass and Christmas

Is it required to take Eucharist on Christmas?

Also, is a 4pm mass on Christmas Eve ok to go, or is that too early?

There’s no problem going to a 4pm Christmas Eve Mass. You aren’t required to receive (we receive, not take) the Eucharist on Christmas.

We can take the Eucharist. If we consider that it is similar to taking medication. It is not required during Christmastide. It is required at least once during the Easter season.

We are only REQUIRED to receive the Eucharist once a year during the Lenten period. Of course its recommended we receive frequently.

Christmas Day is a Holy Day of Obligation so we are required to fulfill that obligation which can be done by going to Mass on the evening of Christmas Eve or Christmas day.

Easter, not Lent. :wink:

You are right. I was thinking about something else when I was typing.

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