Mass Annoucements bug me

Mass announcements should be done away with because they seem to interfere with the prayerful focus of the liturgy and because the church bulletin covers the same thing.

After receiving communion I am in prayer and want to continue in the Spirit of prayer and focus after having just received the Lord. I want the Mass to continue with the Final Blessing and Dismissal and the closing song.

At my church the pastor takes announcements to the extreme. Father’s announcements take anywhere from seven to 15 minutes. Then we stand up and after being gored to death with several announcements the majority of which are trivial we get the Final Blessing.

I hope and pray the Church addresses announcements and moves them out of the liturgy so as not to interfere with the offering of the Mass.

ideally it should be after the final blessing. but truth is, who’d be left in the church at that time? most people have left even before the priest have left the altar

Could it be that some are leaving early in anticipation of the announcements? I agree, any parishioner who cares can look at the bulletin. The only importment I ever hear is Coffee and Doughnuts are being served in the hall after Mass! (LOL)


i do miss our pancake sundays. the scehdule conflicts with my PREP class. why can’t i just take my students there and have class over some pancakes and sausages :shrug:

although there are some good announcements that really is a matter of concern for the Church and Parish. for one, in our parish we are undergoing a renovation which we need to have the building certified for use, otherwise the city will close us down. to complicate matters, our church was designated a heritage site, and therefore we could not just knock down the building and build a new and safer one (it would be significantly cheaper to do so too). so the parish announcements are used to relay the progress of the architect and especially the funds that the parish so lack to undertake this.

also, other things like petitions to parliament members either to support or drop bills that concerns Christian morality. most recent ones are petitions to drop a bill that would legalize euthanasia in Canada. i think thats an important matter that should be discussed within the mass. i think its important enough that it can even be mentioned in the homily, attaching it to Church teachings of course, and why we must fight it (and so that everyone will understand this reason)

The Church has already addressed announcements: GIRM 90(a) calls for “**rief announcements, if they are necessary.” Seven to 15 minutes sounds ridiculous! What could you possibly talk about for that long?

It’s worth remembering, though, that not every parish can afford to print bulletins for everyone each week. And there are some things that it’s absolutely worthwhile announcing: “This coming Wednesday is a holy day of obligation. We will have Mass at …”**

[SIGN]Announcements should be before the Mass begins![/SIGN] Just like the previews in a movie :smiley:

then again, a good number of people are late

in a perfect world, before or after the mass sounds fine

although our parish priest who often forgets something during announcements, would yell from the back of the church after the procession when he forgets something :smiley:

That’s when we have ours, followed by the praying of a decade of the Rosary. Then, the processional hymn is announced, people are asked to stand, and the Mass begins. Announcements are kept to a minimum. :thumbsup:

I agree completely. I may write our Bishop in regard to this. Great post. Thank you.

If announcements are necessary they are supposed to be after the Prayer after Communion and just before the final blessing and dismissal. Unfortunately, too often they are placed between the distribution of Communion and the Prayer After Communion.

Our parish has the announcements before mass begins, and its usually only last minute stuff that didn’t make the bulletin deadline for that week.

“Ideally”, according to the GIRM, brief announcements take place after the prayer after communion and before the final blessing.

Perhaps the real problem is people leaving early. I know it is so common at some Catholic parishes that it seems “normal” but it really should be totally unacceptable for people to run out under normal circumstances.

In my parish Mass is closed by this procedure:

  • Final Collect

  • Prayer for Vocations (under direction from our Bishop)

  • Announcements (I’ve even heard our priest say “no new announcements for this week”)

  • Then sometimes the Deacon says “bow your heads for God’s blessing.”

  • Leave exit procession

sulkow82 SFO

Announcements are never that long at our parish. Sounds like you need to speak to your priest and suggest very politely that he limit the announcements to the bare minimum. Perhaps offer your services to update the website, hand out bulletins after Mass, or start a facebook page/email service.

The is absolutely nothing that’s keeping you from doing that. Announcements or no announcements. You need to work on developing the ability to concentrate at a deeper level. Pray to God for His help.

At one point, we had a rule that we could only have three announcements at each Mass, but then we had power struggles over whose ministry was most important, and needed to be mentioned, so we went back to having all the announcements that anyone considered important enough to mention. People are good enough to keep them short, so it’s never more than a minute or two of announcements, anyway. :slight_smile:

During the final blessing of the Mass, we are “sent” out to the world to accomplish our central mission as a Church, which is to evangelize. The liturgy of the Mass is only part of our faith lives. The announcements just prior to the final blessing are appropriate. We learn about Bible study sessions, food pantry, RCIA, and various parish and other events in which we evangelize ourselves or others. It is part of our lives of faith.

You might not want to hear about these events, but there are parishioners who do, and you should respect that. In no way do the announcements detract from your worship experience; they are part of it. Next Sunday, listen to them, and say a prayer of gratitude that your parish is so active and so concerned about your fellow parishioners and about living the faith between Sunday Masses.

At the parish I go to there are brief announcements right before the mass starts asking reminding people of parking no-no’s (parking in front of the drop off zone in front of the church, parking in private property, etc.), reminders to turn off cell phones, and I know there’s something else but it’s escaping me at the moment. Doesn’t take more than a couple minutes. Then the “regular” announcements right before the final blessing, again they probably don’t take more than a couple minutes.

We have announcements before the service really begins.

Pastor —*good morning
Congregation —*good morning
Pastor —*I need to call your attention to… and he ask if there are any other announcements…Let us sing our opening hymn #XXX

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