"Mass Appeal"--the movie

I saw the movie Mass Appeal with Jack Lemmon about a week ago on one of the cable channels.

What do you think happens to Fr. Farley and Deacon Dolson?

My assessment…

–Deacon Dolson finds a seminary where he can finish his education and is ordained priest. As indicated, he is liturgically conservative–detesting folk masses and such. Although he is frustrated at first because he is assigned to be a Parochial Vicar at parishes where the pastors are “spirit of Vatican II” priests, he eventually gets his own parish where he cleans up the liturgy and restores reverence. He abandons his more liberal-radical views and becomes staunchly orthodox. He continues to anger his parishioners as he preaches against worldly goods and fur coats and blue hair.

–Although he was moved by Deacon Dolson, he continues to live his life of a semi-cultic priesthood. He retires but because of the priest shortage says Mass and hears confessions until his 90s.

Saw this a few years ago and vaguely remember much about it. Only that I though Lemmon was good (as he always was) and now I wish I could revisit this film…

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