Mass at mining camps?


So I recently got into the mining engineering program at my school but I suddenly had a realization. Is there Catholic Mass at mining camps? As a mining engineer, they say we will be working usually in the neighboring city, but sometimes we will have to do FIFO and be on the mine site for a couple weeks at a time. Does anyone anything with regards to Catholic Mass at mining camps? Do I have an obligation to switch degrees if there arent any? As for detail, I live in B.C., Canada, and I would like to work for a Canadian mining company.



I've spent a lot of time in a lot of camps in northern BC and Alberta, and I've never heard of Mass being offered in any of them. Believing, practicing Christians are a definite minority in these places. Sorry for the bad news.



I have worked in the mining industry for close to 30 years and have not come across any kind of religious services at camps. The closest that I have seen is prayer rooms for Muslim employees. I visited a mine in the Philippines that had an outdoor Catholic church next to their administration building.


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