Mass at more than one church


Probably sounds a silly question, but can I ‘mix-and-match’ my churches? During Lent I am going to try to attend Mass daily but due to my schedule I can’t always attend Mass at my usual church so is it ok for me to occasionally go to the Masses at a nearby Catholic church? It’s the same deanery and diocese.



No problem whatsoever.


Of course. Could be at different dioceses or EF or Eastern rite if you wish. No prohibition on visiting which I can think of.


Thanks for reassuring me :slight_smile: I did think it wouldn’t be wrong but wasn’t sure :slight_smile:


During the fall and winter I generally attend my own parish because I am on the RCIA team
and we meet on Sundays after one of the Masses. After the Easter Vigil, however, I often visit other churches for Mass just to appreciate how Mass is said in other parishes and also I may visit a Divine Liturgy to experience Eastern Catholicism. It helps me from becoming too insular, and I appreciate the different music, homilies, etc. Of course I continue to support my parish financially. I also like to check out their bulletins and programs to see if there is anything our parish might be interested in, which I bring to some of the meetings I attend for consideration.


Many people attend different parishes at different times. Especially with daily Mass there may be a parish close to where you work or one that has Mass at a convenient hour that still allows you to get to work on time, so those end up being good choices.


Yes, it’s ok to attend Mass at any Catholic Church anywhere.


Yes it is fine and you may run into some people from different parishes who end up at the same daily Masses that you do.


I enjoy going to various parishes for Mass and other events. I feel like it builds the feeling of family among the diocese. Especially the “Mass Mob” things some people do for smaller parishes.


Of course.


And you may also have your confession heard at any Catholic Church as well.


Thanks for the answers :slight_smile: It is good to know it is quite common to attend more than one church :slight_smile:


Agree with everyone else. Even in Rome!


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