Mass at the beach.

Hey everybody! I’m sure you’ll be pleased to hear that our Mass at the beach in our diocese was a success! I loved being able to dance with my hands up in the air while they turned the bread into the body of God. Not only were we able to replace our pews for beach towels, but we also were able to receive the Sacred Eucharist without a shirt on! The Eucharist goes great with all the hot girls at the beach wearing small bikinis as well.

Thanks Bishop Barnes.


I hope you aren’t serious…

I sense much sarcasm in this post.

In these pictures given in the link, NOBODY was shown using beachtowels to sit on, nobody received communion with uncovered chest, and nobody was wearing a bikini.

Did you actually see all these pictures?

Doesn’t it bother you to spread rumors?

“Thou shalt not bear false witness” includes telling untruths about things you don’t like.

I looked at the pictures and didnt see anything out of line.

Wow bishop.

Look at picture number 6. Plenty of beach towels and lawn chairs. If you can’t see them, sorry.

Also, I heard that people took communion without shirts from the person who sent me this. I can forward you the email. I knew it was happening in my diocese from the announcements at church, but I would absolutely have not gone.

I don’t know if you’ve ever been to the beach, but when you go there people are wearing bikinis. They like to swim in the water. I wasn’t talking about the congregation. I was talking about other people who were on the beach. Not only are bikinis inappropriate to be even near the Body and Blood of Christ, but they incite immoral thoughts, worst of all right next to a celebration of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass (yes, even if it is a NO).

Honestly bishop, you really think this is okay? I know you did not say that, but you come across as if you are defending it. Maybe I am wrong.

How do you think this is okay?! Not only do I not “like it”. It is nearly sacrilegious. The Catechism (yes even the new one) says Mass should be celebrated in a sacred place. Is the beach, where women are even sometimes wearing no tops in order to sun tan, a sacred place?! How about you ask somebody to do “Divine Liturgy” on the beach. Tell them to bring their towels and lawn chairs, and to dress with tank-tops and short shorts. See how well that goes around.

You love to split hairs, don’t you? I hope I am just misjudging. But your comment was the one which was absolute falsehood.

Whilst I was looking at those photos, I had a great urge to attend a SSPX chapel…

Hey I know that presider. He is a really great guy. Looks like it was a charismatic mass, maybe organised for a specific group. We have a beach resort town where I live and they sometimes have mass on the beach and get big crowds. It is a good witness to the others sitting on the beach as well. We had one on the beach after a plane crash in the ocean as a memorial mass to those who died. While I don’t think it should be a regular occurance, once in awhile seems fine as long as it is done reverently. Some parishes around here have a sunrise mass at the beach on Easter morning.

Alright, I give up. Lets have Masses on the beach now. Celebrating with appropriate clothes. in a sacred place, in a sacred manner is so pre-“Spirit of Vatican II” anyways, right?

According to the diocesan website, this was an annual youth Mass. So, no, it’s not a regular thing.

I didnt know having mass on a beach preculded others from attending mass in in a sacred place, in a sacred manner .

What I saw was 100s of young people worshipping the Lord. Nothng bad about that.

PARTAY UP IN HEREZ!!! :extrahappy:

Haha, I knew that looked like Newport. I was a little confused for a second…there are no beaches in San Bernardino.


You seem to be trying to make this into something much more than it really is. I don’t think anyone here is advocating giving up church buildings and having Mass at the beach, but from the pictures that you have shown us, it does, indeed, look like hundreds of people worshiping the Lord. And I have to admit, too, that I didn’t see any bare tops or bikinis. Your friend may have told you this but we need a little more.

A priest once told me that the Church is only as small as we make it; I think that applies here.

lol You guys sure know a lot about us “young people” don’t you?

Well…if it’s annual, it is regular.

I don’t think I would attend…let alone PLAN such a thing (I would be too worried about a breeze catching up the Host and blowing it 20 yards away), but, I’m not going to fault anybody who was there. The priest should know better, but, this is on their heads. I also saw, while looking at those pictures, all men in the processions…

…Of course, how do we know this isn’t a dirty priest’s way of giving into his lust to look at more flesh than clothes?

Perhaps because I’m a recent convert, perhaps because I’m a NeoTrad, perhaps because I’m a prude… I find that even in its attempt to be reverent, it’s not. In approaching the eucharist, you should be at your humblest… Ok so perhaps wearing my skimpiest, oldest cut-offs are humble, Nevermind.:shrug:

…hmm perhaps Monsignor will understand when I come to church wearing my bikini and a beach cover up after all.

In our NO mass, we had a gentleman who would line up people to bring up the offering. He’s been known to bump the family lined up so the teenage girls wearing the skimpiest outfits can bring them to Monsignor. The girls rarely repeated their immodest acts.:thumbsup:

And of course we all know that anything goes when it comes to the cause of -]entertaining/-] evangelizing youth. And we all know how many youth believe in the Real Presence now adays. And we all know, judging by the beach towels and lawn chairs (it says it on the diocesan website, because you would never believe crazy ol’ TB) and that food shack in the background, and those tank tops and short-shorts, and the loud contemporary music, and the chicks further out on the beach with bikinis, how reverent and respectful this Mass was.

This is absolutely fine! Are you saying we shouldn’t have the holiest thing on the world on the beach thunderballs?? What are you, nuts??!?!

As a matter of fact, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass isn’t good enough for us youth to go to, unless it is on the beach. God forbid during our summer off more than 2 of us go to that Mass they have every day in the church.

lol I give up.

, this was an annual youth Mass. So, no, it’s not a regular thing.Well…if it’s annual, it is regular.

Ouch! Busted!

You’re right; it’s regular. It just isn’t frequent, which is what I meant to say. Sorry. :o

It seems licit; I assume this is part of some outreach by the diocese?

Simple. We give those men of God the benefit of the doubt. If they say they’re there to celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist, we assume that they’re there to celebrate the Sacrament of Holy Eucharist, not to ogle people. Especially given the complete, utter lack of evidence to the contrary.


I attended Mass on the beach at Balboa 3 days ago with my fellow teens from my parish. Seeing as how I was there, I can tell you that it was publicly stated multiple times that everyone dress appropriately and present themselves modestly during the celebration of Mass. From what I saw, there was no one in particular that had a bikini on or was dressed in an inappropriate manner. I believe that this yearly celebration is a wonderful opportunity for teens (and children and adults) from all over California to gather together to worship and praise Jesus. Just because it was held at the beach does not mean there were half-naked people roaming the streets distracting everyone from the Eucharist. Ya, there were many attractive girls, but we guys should be able to guard our eyes and look at all of our sisters in Christ with purity and chastity in our hearts. And it certainly was not sacreligious to be held at the beach… looking out at the vastness and beauty of God’s wonderful ocean that he created, and then being able to go to mass afterwards was an amazing and beautiful experience. Can’t wait for next year :thumbsup:

That is a slander against this priest and you should retract it.

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