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I know I may be being scrupulous here but wanted to ask anyway, just to clear my mind. I went to Mass on Saturday evening today to fulfill the Sunday obligation. During Mass I was significantly distracted thinking about a personal issue. I remembered after Mass having been told when I was younger than if you attend Mass “in body but not in spirit” - i.e. not really concentrating on what’s going on - then in practice you haven’t fulfilled your Sunday obligation, due to lack of concentration on the Mass. Just wondering if there is anything in this? I tried to concentrate but my mind kept wandering.

If this lack of concentration is constant perhaps you should talk to the priest about it. But I don’t think you have commited any sin. Pray asking God to improve your concentration.

If that was the case I guess a LOT of us miss our mass obligation :frowning:
I often find myself thinking about everyday trivia while attending mass.
Sometimes during the consecration of the Eucharist as well :frowning:
But thanks to the Holy Spirit Im going to mass anyway.
I simply can’t help it and during Sunday mass I often get disturbed by children crying during the homily and the Eucharist.
I hope that St Faustina is right;)
At least we’re there celebrating our Lords resurrection and commune at his table.
As long as our heart is at the right place I trust that Jesus will show me mercy for my lack of consentration during mass.

Yours in Jesus and Mary

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you fulfilled you obligation even though you were distracted.

the mass is always valid whether you pay attention or not

but the amount of blessings and merits you get from the mass is affected by you participation and state of grace.

so will you just like to fulfill your obligations like a Pharisee or Will you try to concentrate harder next time.

st Thomas Aquinas in his summa theologica will say anything that we do that does not glorify God is AT LEAST a venial sin.

I pray that God forgive you for being distracted and forgive us all our sins

I take three kids under 7 to mass by myself. If what you say is true, I have met my Sunday obligation only a couple times.

Don’t worry about this, perhaps the advice was originally intended to get kids to participate rather than daydreaming and hoping to get home and play

Distractions are like temptations… they happen and it is your reaction that makes the difference. Ideally, if one finds oneself to have mentally wandered, he would bring himself back. He may have to repeat that several times.

But if I say, I really need to think about my party plans and everything is very chaotic at home so I will just go to Mass and think about my party plans, that would be sinful and not fulfilling the obligation.

You, Mark, should not worry too much about distractions and the like as long as you keep working on them. As long as your intention is to fulfill the obligation and not find a wuiet place to think about other things, you’re going in the right direction.

A big help is to “practice” not being distracted is to pray the Rosary every day. You will get better at both.

Btw that was Satan distracting you. He hates it when we go to Mass.

@hadulzo. you are right. it could be satan tempting because he is the enemy of light.

but our human nature can also be a source of distraction. st Ignatius of Loyola who is an excellent retreat master acknowledged the possibility of getting distracted during recollective moments. he recommended that when one realises that he has been distracted, he should calmly ignore the distraction and continue his recollection (or prayers)

When you catch yourself being distracted just note it and then return to the Mass. If you know that your distraction is welcomed by your continuation then that could be an issue. Speaking for myself, I know that I get distracted with thoughts all the time during Mass. What we can do is offer up those distractions and see Mass as a way to free us from those burdens that hinder us from the greatest gift on earth. God bless you and keep up the good work!! :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

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