Mass Card?


What’s a Mass card? :confused: Thanks and God bless you! :smiley:


A Mass card looks like a greeting card, with religious images on it, and it is given to either a living person or the survivors of a deceased person. The card tells the recipient that a Mass will be said for them and their intention (if living) or for the repose of a person’s soul (if deceased).

It is customary to give the priest or religious house a stipend for saying the Mass (around here the donation is usually $10).

You can have a single Mass said, a perpetual remembrance of Masses said (usually offered in monasteries) or Gregorian Masses (30 days of masses said for a deceased person).

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In the EF (Traditional Latin Mass) there are cards on the altar that the priest reads at Mass and these look like this :


Thank you for clearing that up! :slight_smile: God bless you! :smiley:


I have never heard of the altar cards referred to as Mass cards. That would be confusing, IMHO.


@chatter163 different places call them different things I guess :smiley: GBU! :smiley:


Out of curiosity, which Mass cards were you referring to ? :confused:


For the repose of my best friends soul. He died suddenly last week from a heart attack. God bless you! :smiley:


May your friend + requiescat in pace +



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May they rest in peace.

In some places Altar Cards are also known as Mass Charts, Altar Charts or even Mass Canons.


Really? didn’t know that! Thanks :smiley: GBU! :smiley:


As an aside; The altar cards depicted in the second posting are for the Dominican Rite which while in many ways similar to the traditional Roman Rite was a use over 200 years old at the time of the promulgation of the Missal of Pope Pius V and was able to be retained by the Order.


I noticed that too. :smiley:


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