Mass celebrated in a worship center?

We are about to relocate from Il to Dallas. I have been starting to look at Catholic parishes online. I’m noting those who advertise on their websites multiple times for confession and adoration. Saw a few for Latin Mass. Then I came across one that celebrates Mass in as worship center. That was a BIG red flag for me. Why a worship center? No tabernacle? I’m wondering, could they be building a new parish church?

Maybe, or their parish may be like mine, a large church campus with multiple buildings and facilities for different purposes: elementary school, junior high school, gymnasium, rectory, parish hall, Knights of Columbus hall, school kitchen, parish kitchen, religious education classrooms, parish offices, parish library, hispanic center, perpetual adoration chapel, multipurpose areas, maintenance outbuildings, etc.

“Worship Center” or “Worship Space” in our case would refer to the church proper (sanctuary, transept, nave, etc.) which is used exclusively for Liturgical worship and related events such as baptisms and confessions, rather that some other area used for other purposes. The tabernacle, as a fixture within the sanctuary, would not be considered a separate parish facility.

I understand large campuses with different buildings and titles but why would you call it “Worship Center” and not “Chapel”? On all the Air Bases my dad was stationed at there was at least one “Chapel” and sometimes two. They were shared by both Protestants and Catholics, I attended many a Mass in the Base Chapel, even when living Stateside and belonging to a Parish. These are big enough to hold a decent size congregation. They even built in Confessionals for the Catholics (and as I understand it now, the Anglicans, Episcopalians etc.)

Franciscan University of Steubenville has many buildings with many different titles, one being the Chapel.

Just some thoughts on wording because words and titles do make a difference.

Brenda V.

While I can not speak for the church in question, in my parish we do not call this the Chapel because we have another area by that name. The Chapel is called the Chapel to differentiate it from the Worship Space because the chapel is used for perpetual Eucharistic adoration, not Liturgical worship, and vise-versa.

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