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while you are at the outstation for mass but you have forgotten a stole can a priest celebrate mass without it?

while you are at the outstation for mass but you have forgotten a stole can a priest celebrate mass without it?

what about chalice when forgotten can a priest celebrate mass?

OK, you have several posts inquiring about what is permitted and what is not.

When you say “outstation” I presume you mean a rural area with no sanctuary. (probably no funds for liturgical supplies either.)

Realize that even in wartime, priests have had to make do and offer the Mass for people in many non-traditional places…on the hood of a jeep, in the woods, in caves, etc.

Instead of finding fault, why not rejoice that priests are willing to travel to outlying areas to offer the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass for those who wouldn’t otherwise have an opportunity for Eucharist?

And if you REALLY want or need to know…the simplest thing to do is to ask the priests in question. I’m sure they will offer you a pertinent reason other than: “I forgot to bring xy or z”.

I’m going to respond, but…I do hope these questions are all just for the sake of information, and not about asking if any particular priest did anything wrong.

This is like asking if a surgeon can perform surgery with a Swiss Army knife. (Or a “Tom Mix” pocket knife). Yes, he “can” if it means that the patient will die if he does nothing, and he has no other option. It doesn’t mean that he can go around performing surgery without all the requisite instruments just because he’s lazy, or he doesn’t take the Mass seriously enough.

That’s not laziness, it’s negligence. The same applies to a priest.

A priest is not permitted to celebrate Mass without all the required vestments and other liturgical items, such as a chalice (your other thread). Everything required is exactly that, required.

In a genuine emergency, not a contrived one where the priest says “I’ll just accidentally leave things at home” a priest can celebrate Mass without vestments or sacred vessels. It must be a genuine emergency, or some other legitimate reason (I visit a high security prison where candles are not allowed, for example). Unless the priest is in a communist gulag, there’s no excuse for not having a chalice.

It is a responsibility of a priest to bring along everything required for Mass, when he reasonably knows that he’s going to celebrate Mass outside of a church.

I really have to emphasize that point: the priest has a responsibility to bring everything necessary for Mass when he celebrates outside of a church building. If he knows he’s traveling, then he must pack whatever is required.

If he visits a church, he can presume that whatever he needs will be available.

In a situation where full vestments are truly impossible (like a 100 mile backpacking trek), he can use only a stole. But that’s very much an exception. At a minimum, he needs a stole, even a small one.

Same applies to sacred vessels. He can use small vessels made for travel. I have a tiny chalice I bought in Italy where the cup is no bigger than a shot glass. It’s still a chalice. Same with everything else that’s required. Everything necessary is available in a travel-size. There’s just no excuse for not having what’s needed.

Given the tenor of your retort, you might consider simply skipping over those posts that you’re not able to respond to in a charitable manner.

Actually I would consider your comments to be the uncharitable ones.

Thanks Thistle.


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