Mass Conversion: Entire parish becomes catholic

I was reading a story about how 100 anglican american parishes decided to become catholic all at once. I also was reading how a lot of eastern orthodox parishes decided to become catholic. I know that when an eastern orthodox person wants to convert he is not baptized again but gives a confession of faith instead.

So my question is: how does the church handle an entire eastern orthodox parish conversion? Do they have some special day where each person will give a confession of faith one by one? What if someone is absent? Shouldnt the priest also have to give a confession of faith?

100 parishes decided to become Catholic all at once? Do you have a link to that, I’d love to read it! (I hadn’t heard anything about that!)

I would like to see a reference also.

I think the OP is referring to this:

Traditional Anglican Communion set to Enter Catholic Church?

“Holy See Welcomes Anglican Christians into Catholic Church”

Those articles are three years old; a lot has happened since then. For one, Pope Benedict XVI has issues Anglicanorum coetibus and its complementary norms, laying the groundwork for the setup of new ecclesiastical structures for personal ordinariates for converting Anglicans.

Then since then, three such Ordinariates had been set up.

And then Anglican parishes had since been joining the Ordinariates. Some formerly Anglican/Episcopal parishes that had converted prior to Anglicanorum coetibus have also joined, but some have opted not to and remained part of their respective dioceses.

And also since then, the TAC has decided as a body to NOT join the Catholic Church, but allowed individual parishes to do so if they wished.

And the Anglican Use liturgy is absolutely awesome. Especially the way they do it at St. John the Evangelist here in Calgary.

I am aware of that. I was providing what I believe the OP’s subject is and some background.

Do you have some nice shiny new links for us?

Anglicanorum coetibus -

Complementary norms -

Personal Ordinariate of our Lady of Walsingham (UK) -

Personal Ordinariate of the Chair of St. Peter (U.S.) -

Personal Ordinariate of our Lady of the Southern Cross (Australia) -

St. John the Evangelist, Calgary -

On the TAC not joining the Ordinariates -

TAC statement on the Ordinariates -

Do you have a source for this? I’ve seen news articles about Anglicans, but I can’t recall a single one about any Orthodox parish…and a cursory Google search doesn’t show anything on the first page of citations. Are you talking about hundreds of years ago? (I can’t imagine it happening in the recent past, particularly!)

Guys, please try to focus on answering my original question.

I’d give it a try, only I can’t think of any recent (within 10 yrs, heck within 100 years) “full parish conversions” from Holy Orthodoxy…which is why I’m asking you to cite the examples of which you’ve read. And honestly, I can’t imagine a full parish conversion from Holy Orthodoxy in the present time. That’s just not “how it’s done” - perhaps we understand the manifestation of “restored communion” differently than you expect?

You need to provide your sources or no one can answer your question. Not that anyone here is competant to answer your question, anyway, but you were asked for more info, how about it?

Knitnut, please understand, I am Orthodox like you. I am not trying to bash Orthodoxy. But I guess Julia is right. This information is too privelaged for one such as me.

I don’t think your information is correct; I’ve never heard of Orthodox parishes converting en masse. Perhaps they are aligning their affiliation with one of the Eastern Churches that’s in communion with Rome? That would at least be in the realm of possibility.

I’ve never heard of an EO Church converting en-masse in my lifetime, mind you I’ve only been around 22years… it may have happened I just wasn’t aware of it. :smiley:

I have heard of Deacon Alex Jones who was a Protestant Minister, he brought dozens of people from his congregation over when he decided to convert.

Interesting. But I don’t think my liberalish Anglo-Catholic TEC/ELCA parish would be interested. Nor would I. There’s too much the CC would have to change before it looked like home to us. Not that it couldn’t happen, but it’s at least a long way off.

I’m not aware of any Eastern Orthodox parishes that have entered into full communion with Rome in recent memory, but perhaps the OP was thinking of the Assyrian bishop and his faithful who entered into full communion with the Chaldean Catholic Church in 2008:

Of course, while often lumped in with the Oriental Orthodox, the Assyrian Church is quite distinct from both the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox and has been in schism with Rome since the Council of Ephesus in the 5th century.

This may be a little off topic, but as Catholics, may we participate in the Anglican Use liturgy? An Anglican Use liturgy is held on Sundays at 5 p.m. at our parish. Is it just for Anglicans? Would it count to fulfil our Sunday Obligation?

Of course you can attend. Any Catholic can attend any rite. It would certainly fulfill your Sunday obligation assuming it were on Sunday.

I have never once heard of an Orthodox parish joining the Catholic Church.

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