Mass dog wedding moved to Nov. 8th, kicks off record week

I found this from my local paper:

Dog “wedding”?:eek: That’s not even a joke. It’s wrong even if it is meant as a joke.
This is wrong in so many ways.
Please, leave your thoughts regarding this topic.

Not that surprising. Once the word Marriage was vacated of its original meaning, what is to stop just anybody from inventing his own definition?

The sad part is that many children will attend this event and think it cute because the dogs will be dressed up and that it is sponsored as a “downtown” attraction.

DTOP is aiming to break the current mass dog wedding record of 178 “couples,” established in May 2007 in Littleton, Colorado.

I’d reeeeallllly like to think this artical is just a bad joke :doh2:

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