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Found this as a “pinned post” on Facebook and loved seeing it. I know that we talk A LOT about this here at CAF and thought I’d share this with all of you.

Church Dress and Other Church Etiquette
Thank you for your presence and participation at Ss. Cyril &
Methodius. In order to make our weekly celebrations more
conducive to prayers and to preserve the sacredness of our
liturgies, the following are some gentle reminders of proper
church etiquette and proper church attire (especially during the
warmer weather). Please:
Wear attire that is fitting for a Holy Place. Attire that is
not fitting includes: short dresses or skirts, or shorts,
halters or tank tops, tight-fitting/revealing clothes. (If you
are not certain what is/is not fitting, ask your grandmother
or mother.)
Silence your cell phones and electronic devices and refrain
from texting and/or emailing.
Try to arrive on time for Mass
Do not talk, chew gum or eat food in the “Church Proper”.
(Remember the one-hour Fast.)
Thank your for your cooperation! Fr. Ben

IMO, it is nice to see a parish actually say something because the way people dress at my parish drives me nuts sometimes. (i.e. people routinely going up to the altar in jeans and shorts and thinking nothing of it.)

Hope everyone has a good Friday. :thumbsup:

Needed a line in there for the guys: it would be nice if your pants actually came up over your bum.

Good advice. I wonder how it was received?

It’s good to see the line reminding people of the 1 hour fast before Communion.

While respectful dress is a good thing, I think there is much need for constant reminder and catechesis on the enormity of the gift that is the Eucharist. I’m not sure that all Catholics who recieve Communion are fully aware of what it is they are lining up to receive. Confession also is something that needs to be pushed and pushed and pushed again, and I do think priests need to do all they can to raise the profile and opportunities for Confession. Opportunities should also be there for adoration if the Eucharist and this should be pushed. All these things are linked in my mind.

I like how it is worded.

“gentle reminders of proper church etiquette and proper church attire”

I don’t like it at all when it is worded as a “Dress Code.” Dress code indicates that you will not be allowed to attend if you are not up to standards.

If a restaurant has a dress code, you will be either asked to leave or given a jacket. If you are in school, and there is a dress code, you might just be sent home. Same in a work place.

Sorry, but ushers should not be giving the once over to decide of you are permitted entry.

It is great to offer guidance. It is wrong to turn someone away.

Our diocese has all the parishes print out a dress code reminder at the beginning of summer, neck to knees for ladies and nice slacks and shirt for gents.

My Parish prints a very similar reminder in the bulletin.

Except the above mentions nothing about jeans…

Sometimes I wear jeans to Sat night Mass and then get picked to substitute for an EMHC that didn’t show. When I am scheduled as an EMHC, I don’t wear jeans. I hardly ever wear them on Sunday…and I go both Sat and Sunday.

God Bless, Fr. Ben, this should be in every Church Bulletin!!! God bless, Memaw

Sat. night Mas is the same as Sunday Mass so wear what you do on Sundays. God Bless, Memaw

God doesn’t care what you look like or how you dress as long as you worship. The apostles were not the best dressed of men, scraggly guys wrapped in toga sheets. You could wear a diaper for all God cares if you are desiring to publicly profess you faith. again, these are man-made tastes that change from generation to generation. Generations ago, women wore veils and sat in the back and there we no such things as crying rooms for parents to attend church with an infant. There’s more important things to spend time on than whether a woman has a tank top or guys, like at my church, are wearing shorts and tennis shoes to run to the gulf course once Mass is over.

Couldn’t they wear a diaper to play golf? If it’s good enough for Mass, shouldn’t that be good enough for golf? Why do you accept the idea that certain clothes are appropriate for golf, but you reject the idea that some clothes are appropriate for Mass!!!:frowning:

Is it effective?

Would you wear a diaper to meet the president? I’m sorry, but you can show respect in three ways: how you say, how you do, and how you dress. #CatholicSchool

Would you wear a better outfit to go meet Oprah or the President? What is on the inside is expressed on the outside. Why would we wear a better outfit to meet either of the two?

What about the Pope? Would you wear a diaper to meet the pope?

I understand if a diaper is all you have, because that’s you’re best and you’re giving God your all by wearing that. But if you have the opportunity to wear a nice suit…not even a suit just a mere button down shirt and dress slacks, ironed, why wouldn’t you?

Try going to a job interview in a diaper. :wink:

FYI, if you ever go to Saint Peter’s I believe they have a dress code - no short shorts for anyone. I think they require women to dress nice

I’ve been wearing a skirt more and more to church as long as the weather is nice. If its <40 degrees (cold) I wear slacks because I would freeze otherwise.

BTW, the apostles were Jewish, not Roman. They would never have worn Togas.

But a job interview is all about judging a person during every moment. At a job interview we are actively seeking to impress those around us in order that they form positive judgements on us. I’m not sure going to Mass should be approached with that same approach. Not, of course that I’m in any way advocating wearing diapers to Mass.

I met a cardinal a couple of weeks back and I was wearing jeans and a t-shirt. It wasn’t at a Mass, so I didn’t feel the need to dress up. Would I dress up if I was meeting a president? Not particularly, a president is just a politician who managed to scramble enough votes together to successfully claw his way up the greasy pole.

I wouldn’t cross the street to meet the president or Oprah. :shrug:

If for some reason I HAD to meet the president, I would wear what they told me. (As long as they bought it for me.) Otherwise, they would get similar to what I wear at mass. That would be a casual skirt or pants and a shirt. Maybe a sweater if it is cold, or if the shirt is sleeveless.

I agree. I wouldn’t wear a diaper to meet the Pope or the President or the Queen.

I don’t think that God “cares” as long as we give our best. My best is going to be different than someone else.

I freely admit that I have higher expectations about dress because I live in a wealthy community and the people who attend my parish are well-to-do. If you can afford an expensive handbag (Coach, Prada, etc), then you can afford to purchase a pair of Khakis and a nice shirt to wear Mass w/o going into financial ruin. (in 99.9% of the time). I can understand if your financial circumstances aren’t the best. However, someone who is poor should still strive to look their best, even if they can’t afford the newest and greatest clothing.

When I lived in Russia, even if people only had a couple of outfits, the outfits were neatly cared for and maintained. People always made sure that they didn’t look like they had just gotten out of bed or they were going to play a basketball game at the gym with the baggy shorts and loose tank tops. People there often wore the same outfits two or three days in a row too and still made the effort to look nice.

BTW, I used to be a jeans and t-shirt gal (for church) and would say the exact same things. Then, I discovered “high church” and had a family. My opinion has since changed.

I really support most of the ideas here about dressing respectfully at Mass.

A note of caution though: a number of years ago I was with a number of women who lived in an marginally impoverished area. One said. regretfully, that she never went to church because people dressed up so much she felt out of place. The best she had were jeans, sweatshirt, a skirt that was too short, etc. You get the drift. Perhaps some of the catechesis needs to cover these areas also.

I think this is the most Christ-like answer to the bulletin reminder.

And it was a reminder of respect for where one is at. And better yet, a gentle It’s not a dress code

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